172 Who Has Framed Her 4

    Although Gu Chenyi was a little swayed, he still wanted to have a chat with Mu Huan. If she did not do it due to a moment of foolishness, he would definitely help her clear her name!

    They managed to find Mu Huan at the canteen.

    "Xiao Huan is there. Let's go over!" Lin Qingya pulled Gu Chenyi's arm as they walked over.

    Seeing Lin Qingya and Gu Chenyi approaching them, Li Meng asked, "Xiao Huan, do you think it could be Lin Qingya who did it?"

    She thought about it. The only person in this school who had a grudge against Xiao Huan was Lin Qingya. Could she have allied with Professor Wang to plan such a deed?

    Mu Huan raised her gaze and looked at them. "There's a possibility, but I think the likelihood of it not being her is higher."


    "Lin Qingya has always wanted to capture Gu Chenyi's heart. Therefore, with her cautious and timid personality, she would not take the risk of wasting all her efforts to do something like this. Moreover, with her capability, she will never be able to convince Student Li and Professor Wang. After all, the risks they face for doing this are huge as well!"

    Seeing their approach, Li Meng did not say anything else.

    Gu Chenyi sat in front of Mu Huan and asked, "Xiao Huan, what happened? Why did you have so many similar answers with Student Li in your test paper, even the wrong answers as well?"

    "What do you think?" Mu Huan retorted.

    "Did you not have the time to study properly recently?" Gu Chenyi instinctively asked.

    Mu Huan smiled. Gu Chenyi was truly a marvel. For someone who claimed to like her a lot, he had never once believed in her.

    "Chenyi, don't say that. I believe that Xiao Huan will never copy Student Li's test paper!" Lin Qingya grabbed Gu Chenyi's hand, not wanting him to suspect Mu Huan this way.

    When she saw this, the corners of Mu Huan's lips drew up into a bigger sneer.

    Gu Chenyi looked at her mocking smile and wanted to salvage something. "Xiao Huan, if you say you didn't do it, that means you didn't. As long as you say it isn't you, I will definitely help you clear your name!"

    As long as she said it, he would believe her and help her!

    "There's no need. As long as you do not come and annoy me, that's enough." The reason Mu Huan did not leave and talked to them when she saw them coming was that she wanted to eliminate the possibility of it being Lin Qingya who'd done it via the elimination method.

    And now, she was sure that this deed was not done by Lin Qingya.

    "Xiao Huan!" Gu Chenyi felt as if his genuineness and kindness had just been thrown to the ground and stomped ruthlessly by Mu Huan.

    "Do you not want my help because you really copied someone else's test paper due to a moment of foolishness?!" He couldn't help but want to hurt her for hurting him.

    Mu Huan stood up and left as she could not be bothered with him.

    Gu Chenyi did not want to cause an embarrassing scene like what happened in the past. Therefore, he did not chase after her and only clenched his hands into tight fists.

    Lin Qingya held his hands and advised him gently, "Do not be angry, Chenyi. Xiao Huan is only acting like this because she does not like to be wrongly accused by someone else."

    Gu Chenyi ignored her and brushed her hand away before turning to leave.

    He was never going to care about Mu Huan anymore! Absolutely not! He would not care even if she was framed for any other matters!

    With her being brushed aside in front of so many students, Lin Qingya's gaze turned cold for a moment. However, she quickly ran out to chase after Gu Chenyi.

    After leaving the canteen, Mu Huan and Li Meng walked toward the school's man-made lake.

    "If it isn't Lin Qingya, then who could it be? Who in this school wants to make your life difficult?" Li Meng couldn't think of anyone else.

    "We will find out after investigating!" With that, Mu Huan took out her phone and gave a call to Wu Xingye, asking him to come down to their school.

    Mu Huan felt that the probability of Professor Wang scheming against her was very small. As the professor found her unpleasant to the eye, there were many other opportunities for him to meddle with her. He did not need to take such a risk to say that she had cheated.
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