175 Did You Do This?

    The more she thought about this matter, the more she believed that Long Feiting had had a part to play in it. Hence, when she saw him approaching, she did not avoid him but, instead, stood in his full view and stared right into his eyes. She was that furious over the penalty she was forced to bear over this incident.

    Her bestie was rather alarmed at her reaction and caught her by her elbow instinctively. Was she not afraid that he would recognize them as the culprits who smashed his car with this direct confrontation?

    The boy, on the other hand, was taken aback by what he saw when he looked straight into her eyes.

    Her eyes look so much like his Little Star's!

    But then, his mind quickly reminded him that as Mu Kexin's sister, it was not surprising for Mu Huan to resemble Mu Kexin. Quieting down his pounding heart, he stopped and told her off arrogantly, "Why are you blocking my way here? Are you in love with me?"

    "Did you do this?" She wanted to dig the truth out of him once and for all. Someone as proud as Long Feiting would definitely admit to it if he was the culprit.

    He crossed his arms across his chest as he sized her up from head to toe. He did not expect her to catch him this fast.

    He did not leave any traces at all, so how did she know it was him?

    Just as she had expected, his arrogance made him admit his part readily. "I didn't expect you to be this smart."

    Her eyes turned cold at his confession. It's really him! "Why did you do this?"

    Did he do this because he found out that she was the one who smashed his car? But then, this did not seem to be the reason right now. If not for this reason, then why did he do this to her when there were no grievances between them?

    Don't tell me he did this for Mu Kexin?

    "I don't like you so why can't I do this to you?" When he investigated on Mu Kexin, he found out that she had a clean reputation except for that incident where she fought with her mother over the gigolo.

    He traced the images to Mu Weiguo, who exposed Mu Huan after he was targeted by Long Feiting.

    With his quick temper and protective nature, he saw Mu Huan as his enemy for doing this to the person he fancied. This was why he wanted her to suffer the same fate of having her reputation smeared!

    "You don't like me because of Mu Kexin?" She wanted to confirm his basis for revenge.

    The boy knew that the news about him and Mu Kexin had spread like wildfire. Hence, he was not surprised that Mu Huan could make a right guess so quickly. And he reckoned that this was how she had traced the source back to him so soon as well.

    "No matter what, she is your sister, and yet you slandered her name using such despicable means. You are so evil. With me around next time, you'll never have a good day!" His meaning was clear: This was only the beginning.

    She realized that he must be referring to that incident where she smashed her stepmother and half-sister's reputation. Seeing that this boy continued to like Mu Kexin despite checking through her history, she asked in bewilderment, "She would not have fallen for the scam if she had not been flirting in the first place. Since you have investigated her, then surely you know what kind of person she is?!"

    This chap is a true nutcase!

    "She is still young and bound to make mistakes." He knew that Mu Kexin was tricked because of her weakness. However, he deemed her young and impressionable to have fallen for a gigolo. Besides, the predator was the lead host with a natural charm with the girls.

    Although he was rather disappointed with the grown-up version of his princess, his loyalty and childhood dream made him want to protect Mu Kexin at any cost, no matter how different she had turned out to be now compared to the one he knew in the past.

    "Is she young?" Mu Huan wanted to burst out laughing. How young can a girl be when she is so desperate for marriage?!
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