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    And so, she remained silent with a conflicted look on her face.

    "What's with that look?" Long Feiting could not tell if she was feeling happy or not.

    Right then, just as Mu Kexin was thinking of a way to answer his question, her father entered the room with an apologetic smile. "Excuse me, I left my phone here."

    He then took his phone and left.

    During this brief interruption, she recalled Lin Qingya telling her that her acting was lousy, which might lead to her accidentally exposing herself. She was therefore told not to put on any pretenses in front of him and, as much as possible, behave like her usual self. Long Feiting would overlook her shortcomings since he saw her as a savior, but he would not tolerate her putting on false fronts and telling him lies.

    Therefore, she confessed, "I don't really know if I should be happy about this."

    Long Feiting exclaimed, "Of course you should be happy! She deserves it for treating you that way!"

    Meanwhile, Mu Dongsheng, who had run to the garden, hastily gave Mu Huan a call.

    "Xiao Huan, is the school going to make an example out of you as a warning and put you on probation?"

    "How did you know about this?"

    "I overheard the conversation between Long Feiting and Kexin earlier. He said that it was his doing!" The person he loved best might be himself, but he still had some feelings for his older daughter. Hence, upon hearing that someone was out to harm her, he called her right away to warn her about it.

    "Long Feiting dropped by the house?"

    "Yes. That guy's actually fallen in love with Kexin at first sight and is pursuing her now!"

    "Do you think that's really the case here?"

    "I suppose so. He used to be a very arrogant person, but he now treats your grandma with utmost courtesy. Why would he do that if he doesn't truly like Kexin?" He had met the young chap several times while accompanying his mother on business trips to the Imperial Capital. Each time, the lad's nose was high up in the air as though he could not be bothered to spare them another glance, yet now, he had addressed his mother so respectfully by calling her "Grandma Mu."

    "How did Grandma react to that news?" Since Mu Kexin was not capable or scheming enough to lure the guy, if there was any other reason behind his pursuit of her, it could only have to do with her grandma.

    "Your grandma was totally overjoyed! She was so slack-jawed she could fit an entire egg in her mouth back then." He, too, was euphoric at the thought of the benefits Long Feiting would bring him because of his feelings for his daughter!

    Mu Huan's brows furrowed when she heard that. Did I misjudge him? Is he honestly pursuing her because he fell in love with her at first sight?

    "Xiao Huan, the Longs are a very big and powerful family. You'll be in for a hard time if you get marked by him, so be careful!" Mu Dongsheng might not be a good father, but he would still worry and care for his daughter. That was the reason why she ultimately could not completely disregard her father.

    "Don't blame me for saying this, but you mustn't be so prideful anymore. Rely on Bao Junyan whenever needed, and don't worry about owing him anything for that! Both of you aren't outsiders but a couple, after all! Make use of your husband in times of need!"

    His words made some sense.

    It also reminded her that this was a rare concern coming from her father. "Alright, I got it."

    "By the way, Xiao Huan, could you lend me a million yuan for emergency purposes? I borrowed some money from loan sharks, and now they're demanding for payment to be paid back by this week. Otherwise, the debt is going to be doubled!"


    "I'll take your silence for consent and will collect the money from you tomorrow!" With that, he hastily ended the call, lest his daughter refused him.
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