196 I Am Not Unreasonable

    "Yes, that's right; I'm looking for death. C'mon!" She beckoned the tough guys to come forward with her index finger.

    Am I fooling around with them? That's right, I was fooling around earlier! How dare they blow up the sum of money. Five hundred thousand yuan has now become three million! What a joke!

    Do they take me for a fool?!

    "Tsk! I'll make sure you die horribly!" The burly man threw a punch over.

    She caught hold of his wrist without hesitation and, in the next second, threw him over her shoulder. The big man was surprised to find himself crashing to the ground, and by the time he recomposed himself, she was already in front of the two men holding her father captive.

    After she sent the last fella crashing to the ground, Mu Huan towered over the chaps and peered down at them. "I'm not unreasonable. My father borrowed 500,000 yuan from you. I can still return 600,000 yuan to you with interest, but you can forget about three million!"

    "If you still want that 600,000 yuan, then you send your account number to my father. I'll transfer the money to you tomorrow. If you don't want this money, you won't have a single cent from me!" Did these people assume that they could cannibalize them just because they were loansharks? Well, she would prove them wrong!

    When Mu Dongsheng saw that he was safe at last, he dug his foot into one of the chaps lying on the ground. "That's right. You can only get 600,000 yuan. We won't return a single cent if you refuse this deal!"

    They had promised him that the interest would be low when he first approached them for a loan. Now, they turned their backs on him and wanted three million yuan instead! What a way to do him in! Just you see how I'll kick you dead!

    His daughter could feel her head throbbing with pain as she looked at him; thus, she chose to keep her mouth shut.

    Right now, Long Feiting, who was sitting in front of the monitor, told his men with a look of excitement, "Go and fight her. I want to see how skillful she can be. Remember not to cause her any grave injury. No matter what, she's still the wife of Bao Junyan."

    "Yes, sir!" The gang of men, who were dressed like loansharks, immediately dashed out.

    When Mu Dongsheng was caught by the loan sharks, he dared not approach his mother for help. And then he remembered that Long Feiting had a liking for his second daughter and naively believed that the boy would want to help him as his potential father-in-law. Besides, one million yuan was just a small sum to the Long family.

    So he called Long Feiting instead.

    After the boy overheard the conversation between Mu Huan and Li Meng, he decided to investigate the girl further. Alas, he could only find out insignificant information about her like the places of her former employment. There were no footages of her fighting others, nor evidence of her working for any secret agencies.

    The investigation on Li Meng rendered the same fruitless outcome, too.

    The boy had been feeling exasperated over his futile search so far when he received a call from Mu Dongsheng. The latter had called to ask for a loan of one million yuan after being caught by loansharks.

    Although he was not frantically in love with the girl, she was still the one who had saved him when he was in danger as a young kid. Now, her father had approached him for help and, moreover, one million yuan was a small sum to him.

    He was about to agree and to send someone over with the money when he had a thought out of the blue: As his biological daughter, Mu Huan would not ignore her father's dire state. Hence, instead of helping Mu Dongsheng, he got his men to find the moneylenders and arrange them to bring the man over to the remote spot. He had the video cameras hidden in place for the father-daughter pair to turn up.

    Although he managed to capture her in action earlier, the fight had ended too soon for his delight.

    Just as Mu Huan was about to leave the place with her father, she saw a flock of men charging at them from all directions.

    She narrowed her eyes in thought.

    When she was on the way to meet the moneylenders, she got Wu Xingye to check on these men. Although these people were rather influential, it was still illogical for them to send so many men to tackle her when they already had the hostage with them. Moreover, they had no inkling about her capabilities.
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