200 Did She Take a Fancy Only to His Face?

    "But women do! Especially me, as your woman. Seeing your perfect face every day is my motivation to stay alive, Hubby! If you do not cherish it, then my life will only be one of despair!"

    Bao Junyan: "..."

    Did she take a fancy only to his face?

    "Hubby, are you afraid that I'm using fake skincare products? You do not have to worry about that at all! This is my grandfather's special recipe! You should know that my grandpa came from an influential family in pharmaceutical care! My relative three generations before my grandfather was an imperial physician in the palace. That ancestor was an expert in the secret recipe for cosmetics and maintaining a youthful appearance. This skin repair cream I made was done using the formulations from the most magical and booming facial skin repair cream that my grandfather's pharmaceutical factory produced before!

    "As this skin repair cream has a secret formulation, my grandfather personally mixed and did the proportions for the cream every time it needed to be manufactured. That's why the production for it stopped after my grandfather passed away. Until now, there has not been a skin repair cream brand that could compare with the one by my grandfather!"

    Bao Junyan knew that the secret formulations of Mu Huan's grandfather's cream were the most famous.

    "Your grandfather gave you the secret prescription?" How old was she when her grandfather passed away?

    The chain of pharmaceutical factories and shops under Mu Huan's grandfather was taken over by the Mu family when he passed away. However, after they had taken over, the sales at the pharmaceutical factories and stores constantly dropped every year. Now, they were at a financial deficit.

    The main reason behind this was that the secret prescription disappeared, coinciding with Mu Huan's grandfather's passing. Without the secret prescription, the Song family's pharmaceutical factory was inferior to even normal ordinary pharmaceutical factories.

    "Yes, my grandfather passed it to me. A while back, an uncle who had been growing herbs for my grandfather for many years came to find me. He told me that before my grandfather passed away, he had left him a letter, asking him to hand it to me when I got older. After taking the letter and following the descriptions written on it, I found a house. That was where I found out that my grandfather had left me a written account of the secret prescription."

    Bao Junyan remained silent for a moment. "Your grandfather went through a lot of trouble."

    "Yeah." Mu Huan lowered her gaze, her eyes filled with sorrow.

    The place where her grandfather hid the prescription was difficult to find. If she had not followed precisely what was written in the letter and recalled the conversation she had with her grandfather when she was young, she would not have been able to find it.

    Also, the fact that her grandfather did not hand such important information to his granny to keep but, instead, to an outsider, proved that her grandfather had figured out her grandma's true colors before his passing. He knew that her granny was not capable of winning against her grandma. Afraid that the secret prescription would end up in her grandma's hands and afraid that Mu Huan and her granny would have nowhere to go, he decided to hand her the secret formulation through such a method. He even prepared a house for her.

    In the letter, he briefed her to sell anything if their lives became hard.

    He meant that if they were living badly, they could sell the secret prescription. The house and the money from the secret formulation would be enough for her and her granny to live on without any worries.

    Her grandfather spent the last amount of energy he had on them.

    Just as the atmosphere became a little heavy, Mu Huan retracted her sorrow and raised her head. "Hubby, this is really formulated based on the secret prescription. There will not be a problem at all. Let me help put it on your face!"

    Bao Junyan could not bear to reject her. "Alright."

    Fearful that he would change his mind, Mu Huan instantly went toward him and began to smear the skin repair cream on him.

    She was close. Extremely close.

    She was close enough for Bao Junyan to see every single one of her delicate pores, as well as her tender and lovely face. He suddenly thought about how delicate her skin was, one that could break from just being blown on.
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