212 Wasnt It Good to Stay Alive and Well?

    All the bodyguards were speechless.

    Long Feiting already thought that he was someone really arrogant. Little did he expect that there was someone more arrogant than he was!

    This Mu Huan made him really excited!

    "Let my friend go now, or else, I will draw countless lines on him with the knife. When that happens, he would have injuries all over him and they'll leave scars. What will you all do then?"

    Long Feiting was the treasure of the family. Everyone knew that if anything were to happen to him, those bodyguards who were tasked to protect him would all be done for!

    "No, you're not allowed to let her go. Release the crocodile to bite her now! If she dares to continue drawing on my body, then let her do it. I want to see how daring she is!" As the craziest Young Master Long of the Imperial Capital, Long Feiting was still acting crazy despite having a knife at his throat!

    All the bodyguards were speechless.

    What exactly should they do?

    All of Mu Huan's actions told them that she was a person who'd definitely dare to act extremely!

    While their young master's life would definitely not be in danger, still... his injuries would put their lives in danger!

    "Young Master..." The bodyguards looked at Long Feiting and hoped that he would let Li Meng go. Their young master was just bored and wanted to find someone to play with. It wasn't like he had a deep grievance against them and couldn't let her go. Why must he go to such lengths!

    "Whoever doesn't heed my words and lets her go is dead meat!" Long Feiting narrowed his eyes, and his murderous gaze instantly shot around the surroundings.

    The bodyguards didn't dare to speak much less let Li Meng go!

    Long Feiting looked at Mu Huan and said crazily, "Mu Huan, if you have the guts, then go ahead and cut me once more on my throat with the knife, and this time, make it deeper!"

    What did it matter if she made such a shallow cut? If she had the guts, she could cut him deeper on his neck. If she dared to, he would give it to her!

    Mu Huan replied, "Is there something wrong with your brain? Isn't it good to be alive and well?"

    He wanted her to cut him deeper on his neck!

    Even if he wasn't scared of death, she didn't want to get her hands dirty, alright?!

    "If you don't dare, then you should give in to me and follow my rules to save her. If not, your friend is done for!" With such a hostage in his hands, how dare she still fight crazily with him?!

    Ever since he was young, no one could beat him at being crazy!

    Mu Huan seemed to have something up her sleeve, and her lips curved into a smile. "Really?"

    "Of course!" Long Feiting was sure.

    They were in his territory and she dared to threaten him! She's really too arrogant!

    "Then you should look. Take a good look - is your bargaining chip still there?" Mu Huan said, asking him to look down.

    Long Feiting looked over and realized that Li Meng was no longer at her original spot.

    Three people who were donning masks and caps to hide their faces had saved Li Meng while the bodyguards' attention was on Mu Huan and Long Feiting.

    When Long Feiting looked over, they were already at the wall. They gave an "OK" hand sign to Mu Huan and then climbed over the wall and escaped.

    Long Feiting could only watch them escape so easily before his eyes!

    He was so furious!

    Why were someone else's men so useful and yet he had a bunch of useless things working for him?!

    Mu Huan was also someone working for an agency. Although her colleagues were poor, they were capable.

    While Mu Huan distracted everyone's attention, they were able to take the chance to save Li Meng and run away with her. To them, that was such a simple job!

    "Mu Huan, don't forget that I still have the video from the surveillance cameras in my hands! Wait until I hand it to Bao Junyan - you'd be done for!" Long Feiting said viciously. Ever since he was young, he had never been so embarrassed!
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