219 Theres No Limit to His Protection 5

    Long Feilei looked at her unhappily. Just because it was a small dose, she could inject the anesthetic meant for animals on his younger brother?

    "Ms. Mu, if there's any problem between you and Feiting in the future, please call me immediately. Regardless of whether it's his fault or not, I will definitely lecture him well. But I hope that in the future, you wouldn't lay your hands on him again, or else, even if it's at the cost of Uncle Bao's face, our family wouldn't let it slide!"

    Bao Junyan narrowed his eyes and said, "Who are you threatening? And what do you mean, Ms. Mu? She's my wife - you have to address her as 'Aunt' because she's an elder!"

    They wouldn't let this off? He wanted to see just how the Long family wouldn't be able to let this off!

    Long Feilei was speechless.

    Not only was he not allowed to lecture her, but he also wasn't allowed to speak harshly to her!

    "In the future, if that youngling from your family finds trouble again out of nothing and you can't teach him well, I wouldn't mind teaching him for you!" That young brat from their family had found trouble with his wife and was useless enough to get injured. Not only did he not reflect on himself, he even came to scare his wife!

    Long Feilei was speechless.

    Long Feiting was speechless too.

    This Bao Junyan was really the most protective person ever!

    On the way home...

    "In the future, if that lad Long Feiting finds trouble with you again, feel free to irritate him. Even if the sky falls, I'm here." Bao Junyan was worried that because of what Long Feilei had said, she would bear with it when Long Feiting finds trouble with her again.

    "Hubby..." Mu Huan snuggled into his arm, super touched.

    Ever since she was young, even when she was being doted on, no one had ever supported her so strongly. Whenever she fought with someone and hurt the person, she would get scolded. No matter why she fought, she must apologize. When it came to him, though, he supported her so willingly. No matter who she had hurt, he allowed her to act as she wanted and retaliate as she pleased. He would be there for her.

    Bao Junyan rubbed her head gently, then he thought of something and said, "Why did you go and minor in veterinary as well? You're just in Year 1 and you're so busy already. Can you cope?"

    She entered the research department of the school, and medicine was one of the hardest subjects. Now, she even took up veterinary medicine as a minor. Would her small body be able to cope with so much work?

    "Yes!" Her time was really tight. She had to make good use of it to be efficient!

    Bao Junyan looked at her and suddenly recalled an article that mentioned how a parent was so worried that her child enjoyed only studying.

    Now, he strongly agreed with it.

    "Being eager to learn and study well is good, but you don't have to work so hard." His little wife loved to study too much and was too eager to learn.

    Upon entering university, other people had started to play. However, she was so busy studying that after he had completed his work every day, she'd still be studying.

    "I must work hard, Hubby. You're so outstanding, so I cannot be too lousy or I wouldn't be compatible with you..." She wasn't lying when she said that. Although she had planned to leave, she had also yearned to be strong enough to be on his level. At the point when she no longer had to be controlled by others, if she would be able to independently and willingly be together with him, she'd like to have a relationship with both of them being of equal status.

    "You were born to be up to my standards, you don't have to stress yourself." Bao Junyan thought that his wife was already good enough.

    "Hubby, you're really so awesome! I will definitely work harder to become a better person so that I can always, always be with you!" Mu Huan hugged him and lifted her head up as she said that in a tone of promise.

    She was born to be up to his standards - this sentence really made her heart explode with happiness!

    "You don't have to work hard to become better. You're already very good now. As long as you stay obedient, you'll always be Mrs. Bao. You don't have to think about anything else." Why did she always think that he would not want her and even work so hard so as to match up to him? He thought that she's already really good now.
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