220 Theres No Limit to His Protection 6

    Just now, all that Mu Huan had said about how well this man treated her, along with her determination to stay with him, died after she heard his words.

    He was so nice to her that she had almost forgotten; he was good to her only because she was an obedient wife.

    If she was no longer obedient and her true self was exposed, he wouldn't like her anymore, much less be good to her...

    Sensing the change in her emotions, Bao Junyan lowered her head and asked, "What's wrong?"

    Mu Huan couldn't resist but say, "Sometimes, I feel like I'm a pet dog of yours."

    As long as she was obedient.

    Bao Junyan couldn't help but break into laughter. "Why do you feel like this?"

    "You shouldn't ask me why I feel like this. Instead, you should ask yourself why you make me feel like this!"

    Bao Junyan: "..."

    What did he do to make her feel like this?


    The Long Family...

    Long Feiting refused to go to the hospital for a checkup no matter what. Long Feilei had no choice but to invite the doctor over to their house to check on him.

    Long Feilei only stopped worrying after the doctor had given Long Feiting a detailed check and was sure that there was nothing wrong with him.

    After the doctor left...

    He could no longer hold it in.

    "Tell me, why are you so stupid? How were you so badly hurt by a weak woman? You really made our entire family lose face!"

    "She's weak?" Long Feiting felt that Mu Huan would be a match to him if they fought. He really wanted to puke blood when such a strong woman as her was mistakenly called weak by others.

    "Is she not weak?" Long Feilei narrowed his eyes in danger.

    Long Feiting was worried that his brother would rush to look for Bao Junyan if he spoke the truth. Thus, he gave it a thought and lied, "She indeed looks weak but, she was really arrogant as she was Bao Junyan's wife! She knew that we wouldn't dare to hurt her, so she wasn't really scared at all and she was so despicable as to attack me secretly!"

    His words made sense and Long Feilei was no longer suspicious of anything. "That lady looks really smart and full of ideas!"

    "Yes, she's really smart!" Talking about Mu Huan was making Long Feiting clench his teeth in anger.

    Today was the most shameful day of his life!

    "Next time, don't go find trouble with her again. If you can't help it, it can only be her who is injured and not you!" After saying that, he realized that there was something wrong and he said, "Wait, no, even if you can't bear with it, you must bear with it. She's Bao Junyan's wife. If you injure her, you'd be even more injured!"

    If Mu Huan was anyone else's wife, the Long family wouldn't have cared, but she was Bao Junyan's wife!

    When Long Feilei saw that Long Feiting was keeping quiet, he decided to arrange for more people to be around Long Feiting so that he wouldn't dare to find trouble with Mu Huan again.

    At night, in Sheng Jing.

    Although Mu Huan really disliked seeing Gu Chenyi and Lin Qingya, she wasn't able to avoid seeing them.

    Outside, they were in the same school, and at home, they were family.

    Now, they even had to sit around the same table to eat.

    Luckily, the delicacies in Sheng Jing were famous nationally, and they were indeed really delicious. They had greatly appeased her heart and stomach.

    Mrs. Gu suddenly looked at Mu Huan and said, "Xiao Huan, you are in the same class as Qingya, right?"


    "Next time, I'd have to trouble you to take care of Qingya." Mrs. Gu laughed, and it was really obvious that she was hinting at something.

    "What happened?"

    "Qingya's pregnant and Chenyi wouldn't always be able to be by her side. Both of you are in the same class and are both females. Please help me to take care of her more in times to come."

    "Aunt..." Lin Qingya held on to Mom Gu's arm shyly.

    Mu Huan was speechless.

    Lin Qingya was actually pregnant!
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