226 Come with Me 3

    She could tell that he had used up a lot of determination before he was able to make such a decision. He might not have even slept the previous night.

    But what he gave her with such determination and with his resolute sacrifice wasn't what she wanted.

    Her liking for him had long disappeared, alongside the distrust he had for her.

    "Chenyi, I'm unwilling! Even if you give up everything you cherished the most for me, I'll still be unwilling to leave with you!"

    "Why? Don't tell me that you've fallen in love with my uncle! I don't believe in your love at first sight! How is it possible for you to fall in love with my uncle at first sight!"

    "My relationship with Bao Junyan has no relation with whether I leave with you or not. Even if I wasn't married to Bao Junyan, even if I was not forced to marry someone, I would not go back after breaking up with you!" He had hurt her too deeply when she was the most desperate and lost.

    After that, when she had turned and left, it was impossible for them to get back together again!

    Gu Chenyi could see how serious she was. It made him take a few steps back in pain. "Why? Why are you able to let us go so easily? Did you never like me?" he couldn't help but ask.

    If you genuinely love a person, how would you be able to let go and give up on the relationship so easily?

    If you genuinely loved someone, you should be like him, to be so tortured and unable to let go. Even if he knew that they were no longer possible, he'd be willing to give up everything for her and just wish to be with her.

    "Maybe, maybe I never liked you, and that's why I can let it go so easily." If thinking like that would make him feel better, then so be it.

    Gu Chenyi's heart instantly felt as if it got torn apart!

    "Xiao Huan, how can you do this to me...? How can you... I love you so much... I love you to the point that I'm willing to sacrifice everything for you! How can you do this...?"

    He was even willing to give up his family for her!

    "Gu Chenyi, you don't love me as much as you think. If you loved me to the point that you're able to give up everything for me, why would you not trust me? If I loved someone to the point that I'm willing to give up everything for him, even if he points to a deer and says that it's a horse, I would still believe his words. Even if everyone in this world says that he's wrong and that he's bad, I would believe that he's good and stand by his side - unlike you who believed in the words of others so easily!"

    Back then, he didn't even give her the most basic trust. Yet now, he said that he's willing to give her everything!

    Blame her for being heartless!

    She's only willing to speak so much to him and try to counsel him as he's Bao Junyan's nephew. If it had been someone else, she would've kicked him away long ago!

    "Xiao Huan, let's not talk about the past. Let's put the past behind us and talk about our future..."

    "No, trust is really important! Now, I'd give you a chance. Let me tell you seriously that you don't have to feel guilty toward Lin Qingya because she's not a good person! The bag that was placed in my room and those pictures were pieces of evidence prepared by her! On my grandma's birthday party, it was Bai Xuexian and her who had worked together to put me in trouble. In the end, Bai Xuexian was instead used by her to harm you. She wanted to sleep with you - you didn't rape her!

    "Thus, you don't have to be responsible for her. You should even deal with her and have her land in misery! I dare to swear on it. If I had lied, I would die without a place of rest! Do you believe me? Do you dare to do that?"
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