228 If We Could Turn Back Time 1

    "That's right! Beat him up until his face swells if he says again that he likes you!" a voice interrupted suddenly.

    Mu Huan turned on reflex to look. After she realized that it was Long Feiting, her anger was further fueled. "Are you addicted to eavesdropping? Are you going to tell me again that you were here first?"

    "Not this time around. I saw the two of you coming here so I followed you." Long Feiting shrugged.

    "Don't you ever learn?" Mu Huan narrowed her eyes. She was already in a bad mood, and now he comes looking for trouble!

    "My wisdom is peerless, I don't need more. The person who needs wisdom is Gu Chenyi. Don't you think that he's so stupid that it makes one want to strangle him?"

    "Long Feiting!" Gu Chenyi shouted as his expression darkened.

    "What are you shouting at me for? Even I feel embarrassed having a fool like you for a friend! One look at that Lin Qingya and it's obvious that she's nothing good, and yet you believe her rather than Mu Huan!"

    "So you're saying you believe Mu Huan, that she's not that sort of person, and you believe that she was wrongfully accused?"

    "I believe that, of course!" Long Feiting's answer was swift and decisive.

    It was one thing that he wanted to viciously punish Mu Huan and quite another thing to believe her. He wouldn't think completely badly of a person just because he was at odds with her.

    Mu Huan was taken aback. He believed her? They had such a huge conflict between them and yet he believed her?

    Gu Chenyi's expression turned ugly as he said, "You've known her for only a few days yet you believe her?! I think you're doing this on purpose to oppose me!"

    Long Feiting snorted and said, "Why would I oppose you on purpose? Do I have something to gain for doing that?"

    Gu Chenyi's expression got even uglier now as he raised his voice to say, "You have no business here, please leave immediately!"

    "You're about to elope and leave the Gu family, so what are you now? You're nothing, and you're ordering me, the Young Master Long, to leave?" Long Feiting raised an eyebrow. He had always known that Gu Chenyi had been pampered and sheltered by the Gu family so he had turned out quite simple, but he didn't think that the man was stupid to this extent!

    He wanted to elope with his own aunt! Seriously...! This was priceless!

    If they really did elope and could keep it up for a week, he would be willing to let the man have his skull as a stool!

    What more be together forever?!

    "Long Feiting!" Gu Chenyi hollered in fury.

    "Why, angry already? So what if you're angry? You're nothing once you leave the Gu family, so what can you do to me?

    "And you claim you like Mu Huan, but you don't believe her. You don't even think on her behalf - you want to elope with her! Only you would think of something like that! You think you can get away with this just because it's what you want?

    "Are you thinking that even if you get caught and dragged back here, it's going to be okay? You're a son of the Gu family - of course you'll be fine! But what will happen to Mu Huan? Have you thought about that? Do you think that your uncle won't kill her?"

    Although Bao Junyan pampered Mu Huan and was endlessly forgiving toward her shortcomings, that was under the condition that she remain his dutiful wife.

    If she, Mu Huan, dared to try to elope? Given Bao Junyan's means, he could make Mu Huan disappear agonizingly from the face of the earth at any time!

    Now that he had found such a fun person, there was no way he'd let this fool Gu Chenyi ruin it for him!

    This was the reason Long Feiting showed himself. He couldn't possibly let the two elope!

    "I will protect her! I will absolutely not let anything bad happen to her!" Gu Chenyi said, as though it was a vow.

    Even if he had to die, he'd not let anything bad happen to Xiao Huan!

    "Even someone like Lin Qingya could make you go around in circles like a fool, so what more your uncle?! You think now that you'd rather die than to let harm befall Mu Huan, but when the time comes and your uncle uses his means, you'd only wish death upon Mu Huan!"
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