239 Can She Be More Shameless 1

    Lin Qingya had no idea what the matter was with Gu Chenyi.

    What exactly did Mu Huan do to agitate him this much?

    Such that he appeared to be such a changed person!

    Gu Chenyi did not utter another word.

    Lin Qingya looked at him intently for a while, but she was unable to tell much from his expression. There wasn't even a hint of a clue. This made her very uncomfortable.

    Besides Mrs. Gu, Chenyi was the only other person that she was confident in handling. But now, he had changed overnight!

    The change in the man was most unsettling for Lin Qingya.

    Following this, when they started to discuss engagement matters, Gu Chenyi didn't have any opinions at all, indicating that he was willing to go with whatever Mrs. Gu and his fiancee-to-be decided. This reduced some of that uneasiness.

    Having settled all the engagement matters and having assured herself that she was on the way to becoming the Gu family's daughter-in-law, Lin Qingya could finally cast her anxieties aside and relax.

    But it was also time for the midterm examinations.

    Lin Qingya had done quite well for her college entrance examinations and, in general, was good in her studies. This helped to put her in a rather good light.

    Especially when Mrs. Gu became aware that even with a heavy workload at the Foundation and the weekly volunteer work at the orphanage, she had still managed to do so well in her examinations. She praised the girl for her intelligence and kindness, and liked her even more now because of this.

    If she had not done well in her midterm examinations, on the other hand, then her image and standing would have suffered.

    But these days, she had hardly touched her books, much less paid any serious attention to the lectures. She probably wasn't even an average student, much less one who did well in examinations!

    This led her to the thought of Mu Huan.

    Mu Huan had had a certain practice ever since her junior high school days. She would always make important notes in her notebook during lessons. When the examinations approached, she would circle the key points. More often than not, these key points would be examinable content.

    Lin Qingya had an excellent memory. All these years, she had depended on her exceptional memory as she looked through Mu Huan's notes prior to the examinations, and this was how she had managed to do so well time after time.

    She did not understand all those chemistry and mathematics formulas and just memorized them by heart, then followed methodically how Mu Huan had taught her to apply them.

    Although sometimes she got the answers wrong so that she would never be as good as Mu Huan, most of the time, the answers would turn out right, such that she did better than her other classmates.

    At Yun University...

    Mu Huan had always lacked sleep. In the past, whenever there were no lessons, she would slump on the tables to take a nap. But now, because Long Feiting was around, she did not dare to fall asleep, in case the enemy played some trick on her.

    Being tired and not being able to take a nap put her in a bad mood.

    When she saw Lin Qingya walking toward her, she moodily covered her head with her book, intending to ignore the girl.

    But Lin Qingya wasn't a person with any level of self-awareness. Hence, she came up to Mu Huan, halted, and said, "Xiao Huan, I had taken a few days off and I'm struggling to catch up with my work. May I borrow your lecture notes?"

    Mu Huan ignored her.

    Li Meng, who was sitting beside her, was compelled to speak up. "Lin Qingya, must you be this shameless?"

    Even now, she had the cheek to borrow lecture notes!

    Mu Huan took down notes during lessons not because it was her habit. She did this to help Lin Qingya and Li Meng. Prior to each examination, they would ask her to highlight important content. Those areas of knowledge were very broad, and if they were to read through the books, they wouldn't be able to remember everything. So she had to narrow down the scope and summarize the important points for them. Every time she did this, the amount of writing she had to do would exhaust her hand.

    Eventually, during class, she would just organize all the important points covered by the teacher and jotted down the most important ones. When the examinations were approaching, she would highlight the key points among these. This way, it was easy for them to read, and it saved her a lot of effort since she no longer had to do so much writing.
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