243 Being Worse Off 1

    "Lecture notes? I don't have it." Mu Huan had never liked pulling a fast one on others, but it didn't mean that she didn't know how to!

    Did the girl think that just because she asked to borrow the notes under these circumstances, she'd have to lend them to her?

    She wished!

    Lin Qingya was taken aback. She didn't expect this answer from Mu Huan. Mu Huan had always been a straightforward person who made no attempts to hide her likes and dislikes, haves and have-nots.

    Hence, she hadn't expected that Mu Huan would lie in front of the elders.

    "Auntie, didn't you use to take notes during classes?"

    "I did in high school, but who does that in university?" Mu Huan replied as she laughed.

    Lin Qingya: "..."

    What was going on lately? Gu Chenyi seemed different, and so did Mu Huan.

    She could tell a lie like it was a fact!

    That made it difficult to tell what they were really thinking!

    Nevertheless, Mu Huan had already said outrightly that she didn't have notes. There was no way Lin Qingya could ask to borrow them again. Hence, she tried a different approach.

    "I haven't been eating and sleeping well recently because of my pregnancy, and when I spend too long reading, I get a headache. But the exams are coming..."

    Then she looked very embarrassed as she continued, "Auntie, you've always been good at identifying the key learning points. I wonder if you could help me pick out the important points?"

    Now that she had put it this way, surely Mu Huan could not say that she didn't know how to do it!

    Mu Huan: "..."

    She had certainly underestimated how shameless Lin Qingya really was! She had the audacity to say such things!

    When Mrs. Gu heard Lin Qingya saying that she hadn't been sleeping well because of her pregnancy and that she'd get a headache from reading for an extended period, her heart ached for her future daughter-in-law. Hence, she quickly added, "Xiao Huan, we'll have to trouble you to help Qingya highlight the important points, then. Let her read the important points - this will save her the headache."

    Lin Qingya shot Mu Huan a triumphant look.

    You're not going to let me take a look at your notes?

    Then you'd just have to spend the trouble highlighting the important points!

    She walked over to Mu Huan and warmly circled her arms around hers. Like a pampered child, she said, "Auntie, my exam results will be greatly dependent on you now..."

    Mu Huan was so disgusted that she was tempted to throw the girl out of the room.

    She admitted, when it came to shamelessness, she could hardly match up to Lin Qingya!

    Just as she was thinking of how she could reject this request...

    A voice spoke.

    "Since you get a headache when you read, then you should stop school to rest at home."

    Mu Huan turned on reflex to look. At some point, Bao Junyan had finished his discussion with Bao Huaiyun and they had walked into the room.

    Mrs. Gu stood up and remarked, "So you're finally done."

    Mu Huan took the opportunity to withdraw her arm from Lin Qingya. She stood up and walked over to Bao Junyan.

    Highlight important points for her? Dream on!

    Bao Junyan waited for her to come to his side. He extended his arm and slid it around the back of her waist. Looking toward Mrs. Gu, he said, "The beginning stage of pregnancy is normally unstable, and Yun University has always run on a heavy schedule. Just let her suspend her studies so that she can stay home to focus on nurturing the baby!"

    Lin Qingya used to be Mu Huan's good friend. Now, Mu Huan's ex-good friend was about to marry her ex-boyfriend. Without a need to investigate, it was quite obvious to Bao Junyan what had gone on here.

    And now, this girl wanted to make use of his wife. She must be courting trouble!

    Furthermore, his wife was already reluctant to come to the Gu residence for a meal thanks to this girl. He could imagine how annoying it would be for his wife to have to see her at school.

    Since reading gave her a headache, then she should stop reading!

    "Uncle, I..." Lin Qingya stood up hurriedly. She didn't want to stop school! It was hard enough to get into Yun University! If she suspended her studies, it would just mean that she wouldn't even graduate!

    Besides, stopping school just meant that she had to be facing Mrs. Gu and Old Master Gu all the time. This would mean she'd have to pretend continuously to be perfect...
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