244 Being Worse Off 2

    "Junyan is right. Stop school and stay home to nurture the baby!" Bao Huaiyun agreed.

    He heard what Lin Qingya had said earlier. This made him blush in shame and even break out in a light sweat. He found himself too embarrassed to face Bao Junyan!

    Bao Huaiyun had said his piece, and if Lin Qingya said anything more, she would only be openly refuting her future father-in-law and embarrassing him. Hence, she could only lower her head and keep silent.

    Even after Bao Junyan and Mu Huan had left, Lin Qingya did not speak further.

    She was a little nervous facing this future father-in-law of hers.

    She decided to approach Mrs. Gu instead to allow her to continue school. In this family, only this future mother-in-law was easy to fool.

    Just as Lin Qingya was returning to her room, she ran into Gu Chenyi at the doorway.

    "I suppose the saying that one has not only been unsuccessful in stealing a chicken but has ended up losing a handful of rice is quite descriptive of the present situation, huh?" Gu Chenyi, Mu Huan, and the rest had been classmates for three years in high school. Of course he knew about Lin Qingya having to borrow Mu Huan's notes before each examination.

    Except, he didn't expect that even now, she wanted to rely on Mu Huan for good results.

    Lin Qingya was taken aback. She didn't know what to say to this unfamiliar Gu Chenyi.

    Did his sarcasm imply that he knew something?

    If he knew that she had schemed his breakup with Mu Huan and that it was also she who had planned what happened during Matriarch Mu's birthday banquet, he'd have wished her dead. Why would he still take up responsibility and marry her?

    But if he didn't know any of that, why was he being so sarcastic to her?

    She looked at Gu Chenyi and, after a while, laughed and said, "That's right. I ended up being worse off. I shouldn't have had these little ideas. I fully deserved it!"

    It didn't matter if he knew about those things she did in the past. Now that he had seen through her little trick, she could only admit it. There was no room for denial.

    "It's said that one needs to tell a hundred lies to complete a single lie - now I know this is true! We've been schoolmates for three years, so you know that I'm not so good at studying. I've had to rely on Xiao Huan to do well in the exams every time. Now that I'm used to being an excellent student, I can't accept that I can't do well in the exams. Obviously, Xiao Huan no longer treats me as a friend, but I still want to use her help," she said with a wry smile.

    "In the end, I not only didn't manage to get her help, but I've been forced to stay home to rest and take care of my pregnancy. For sure, I've failed to steal the chicken and lost a handful of rice in the process!"

    One had to admit, Lin Qingya was a real master!

    She could always make her intentions sound so perfect. She made it sound as though even if she had these intentions, it was only her being human.

    Besides, people make mistakes. She was just an ordinary person, so making a mistake was normal.

    Gu Chenyi did not say another word but looked at her in silence.

    As Lin Qingya was about to speak again, he suddenly turned and walked away.

    The girl sighed in relief. Lately, he had undergone too big a change and she felt even more pressured when facing him.

    She wondered when he'd go back to being the old him.


    Mu Huan was in high spirits all the way home, thinking about how Lin Qingya had tried so hard to get those highlights of important points only to end up having to stop school and stay home to rest and nurture her baby.

    When he noticed that she was all smiles and full of good cheer, Bao Junyan's expression softened with doting as he looked at her.

    After Mu Huan had filled the bathtub and was about to walk out, he reached out with his big hand and drew her into his embrace.

    Suddenly, she felt her good mood diminishing.

    She had to go to class early the next morning...
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