246 Unworthy 2

    The girl looked at Mu Huan, full of adoration in her expression!

    On the other hand, Mu Huan only felt like this was the end of the world for herself.

    To begin with, Professor Wang already disliked her for having broken his college entrance examination score record. Now, she had even shown that her method of solving this question was superior to his just as he was trying to make things difficult for her. Embarrassing him in front of so many students had simply crushed his fragile ego, and he wouldn't be able to take it!

    "Xiao Huan, you're really clever!" the girl said. She couldn't help being impressed.

    Professor Wang by nature was an arrogant man who liked to turn his nose up at people. Apart from targeting Mu Huan, he was very strict with the other students. If he caught anyone being inattentive, he would give them a thorough dressing down. Hence, the students were all not too fond of him.

    So when they saw him being embarrassed, they naturally felt quite gleeful!

    Mu Huan gave a bitter laugh and slumped over her desk, feeling that her days ahead would be even more miserable now!

    True enough, it was as she had thought. In the following days, Professor Wang picked on her more than ever before. It was useless no matter how cautious Mu Huan was. She was given another two demerit points.

    Which meant that she had only four more points to go.

    At this rate, she felt, it would be before the end of term before the four points ran out.

    "Argghhhh! This is driving me nuts! I'm going nuts!" Mu Huan had to stop herself thinking about failing the subject. Every time she thought this, she'd feel like she was going crazy. Besides, even if she did a make-up course, she wouldn't pass as long as Professor Wang was around. This way, she would fail again and again and again!

    At this thought, she sullenly slammed herself against the table.

    However, instead of hitting the table, she felt herself slamming into a broad hand, which proceeded to raise her chin.

    "What's this?" a deep and pleasant voice said overhead.

    Mu Huan looked up, her expression grudging as she lamented, "It's all your fault!"

    If it weren't for him bothering her every night such that she couldn't get proper sleep, she wouldn't have been so exhausted that she fell asleep in Professor Wang's class!

    "What's the matter?" Bao Junyan couldn't think what he had done wrong.

    What had he done?

    "It's all your fault for not letting me get a proper night's sleep every night. I ended up falling asleep in class and that offended Professor Wang even further. Now he picks on me even more and gave me another two demerit points. If this goes on, I'd surely fail the subject! I, Mu Huan, would actually fail a subject! Arghhhh! This is driving me nuts!" Mu Huan was aiming to graduate with straight As, but now she was facing the risk of failing!

    What more, to fail because of conduct! Nowadays, when companies hired workers, especially big companies, they were increasingly placing their attention on the workers' conduct. Her conduct score would be recorded in her file and would be reflected in her resume. To fail a subject because of her conduct would create a really negative impression of herself on her prospective employer!

    Bao Junyan frowned and said, "Offended Professor Wang, picked on you, gave you demerit points, and fail the subject?"

    "Uh-huh!" Mu Huan nodded vigorously, then, with much grievance, told him about the ill feelings between the two of them.

    Bao Junyan's expression turned icy. Obviously, this man was bullying his wife!

    "This Professor Wang is of very bad character; he's unworthy of being a teacher."

    "Uh-huh, really bad character!" Mu Huan felt that an educator should never have such a narrow mind, much less pick on a student on purpose.

    Now that the general climate and economy were so bleak, on top of the fact that it had always been tough for a fresh graduate to secure a job, failing a student like this and leaving a permanent mark on the student's resume would further disadvantage the student in the job search!

    Did he not give a thought that this would ruin the student's life?

    Abusing the bit of power he had in his hands like this, he was really unworthy of being a teacher!
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