262 Therell Be Pain When Theres Comparison

    After they got off the train, Li Meng and Mu Huan proceeded to the five-star hotel that was closest to the location of their mission.

    Wu Xingye had a father who needed a huge amount of medicine to survive, a mother who was sickly and weak, as well as two brothers who'd just entered junior high school. He'd need to spend a lot in the future. Thus, even though he could get more than 30 million from this task, he couldn't bear to sleep in a hotel that cost more than two thousand yuan. Thus, he went to the budget hotel opposite them.

    There's always pain when there's comparison, yet Li Meng still sent him the photographs of the deluxe room they were staying in. She even sent him pictures of delicious high-grade wine and desserts that looked really yummy just from the pictures.

    Wu Xingye was so angry, he was clenching his teeth.

    However, that teeth-clenched look of his gave off some love.

    They went to check out the place for their mission that night.

    The next day, Mu Huan and Li Meng went to check in online at the attraction sites to prove that they were there.

    When they were touring the place, they also took a few pictures and sent them to Bao Junyan.

    Seeing that they were having fun in the Imperial Capital, he recalled that he had work in the Imperial Capital and asked Assistant Wang to prepare. They then drove there.

    As Wu Xingye was alone, there was nothing much for him to enjoy. Thus, he spent his whole day researching details in the hotel room.

    Their mission had high rewards this time, but it was equally dangerous.

    The person who tasked them this time was a boss that owned a hotel in Yun Cheng. His only daughter was working in the Imperial Capital and had a boyfriend. Alas, her boyfriend was a scum. After he'd had enough playing with her, he shamelessly videoed her and used it to threaten her. The girl couldn't take it and broke down. The hotel owner hoped that they would be able to get those video recordings.

    This mission was dangerous as the hotel owner's daughter's boyfriend was the son of a family with a lot of influence!

    After he found out the background of the boyfriend, he wanted to back out from this task. However, after Mu Huan and Li Meng saw how badly the girl was tortured, they had signed the contract with the boss immediately.

    Their sense of justice always caused him to be worried and afraid. But since they had already accepted the mission, they had to complete it no matter what!

    At night, Mu Huan and Li Meng brought back a lot of delicious food for Wu Xingye when they returned from their check in locations.

    Wu Xingye's favorite past time was to eat. Thus, when he had food, he'd forget about everything else!

    When he was eating, Mu Huan looked through all the information he had found.

    It was easy to get the girl's video recording, but it was hard to video record the scum taking drugs!

    Yesterday, when they went to the clubhouse the scum frequented, they tried all ways but were still unable to enter the VIP room of the clubhouse.

    The security was really tight there. Even the one cleaning the room must be the auntie who had done it for years.

    They weren't able to sneak in as a worker to set up pinhole cameras beforehand. Thus, they'd only be able to follow someone who was able to enter the room tonight to record the scene.

    But as for taking drugs, those people wouldn't bring a stranger in easily!

    "Why did the boss want us to record such a scene?" Li Meng didn't understand. "If he wanted to use this to take revenge on the scum for insulting his daughter, this has no meaning at all! Even if he was caught taking drugs, he'd be released in a few days. He's not even going to go through much!"

    "Yes, I don't understand this either. Recording the scene of them taking drugs doesn't fulfill the point of taking revenge. It's more useful if he uses his daughter's video recordings to sue the scum instead!" Wu Xingye didn't understand it either.
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