269 Ignoran

    Sensing the change in her mood, Bao Junyan lowered his head and looked toward her, asking, "What's the matter?"

    "Is that group of men your enemy in disguise?" Mu Huan whispered as she buried her head in his embrace.

    "No, they're not." Was this what worried her?

    "No matter, let's just hurry and get into the car!" Mu Huan hurriedly scrambled into the vehicle.

    Bao Junyan did not stop her.

    Just after she had gotten into the car, the security team came up to them.

    Bao Junyan's bodyguards stepped forward to stop them from coming any closer.

    One look at Bao Junyan's car and the security officers understood that this was a distinguished guest. They did not dare to move closer but asked the bodyguards if they had seen two people - a service staff and a girl in male disguise.

    The bodyguards said they had not. The security officers then left after looking around the car park and seeing that there was no one else around.

    Mu Huan sighed in relief when she saw them leaving.

    Realizing that the change in her expression might have been too obvious, she quickly said, "I was really worried that they were your enemies in disguise and that they'd start a big fight in the car park!"

    Bao Junyan laughed and said, "You've watched too many movies."

    "But someone did sabotage your car and wanted to harm you!" Mu Huan was still nervous as she thought back on it.

    "They'll end up in a worse state." Bao Junyan did not want to sound too vicious in case it scared his little wife.

    However, when he thought about how his little wife had hidden herself to ambush him here and, in the process, kept calm and hidden when she saw someone sabotaging the car, he realized, she wasn't timid at all.

    "Uh-huh. We have to make sure they'll have never felt sorrier!" Mu Huan raised her fist aggressively as she said this.

    Bao Junyan reached out to gently tousle her hair.

    As they were leaving, Mu Huan stole a glance at the car with Wu Xingye and Li Meng in it. She hoped they would be able to make a successful getaway soon.

    After the car had driven away, Wu Xingye and Li Meng, who had been feeling extremely tensed up, finally heaved a sigh of relief.

    Now, without any external distractions and being shut in in a tiny and narrow space, the two of them started to feel slightly awkward.

    The boot of the car was only this big, and Wu Xingye was a big and tall man who took up much space. Even if Li Meng tried to back herself against the car as much as possible, it still felt as though she was lying in his embrace.

    "Keep your distance and don't you dare take advantage of your big sister here! Otherwise, I'll wallop you!" she threatened him.

    "I should be the one warning you not to take advantage of me!" Wu Xingye said, his expression full of scorn.

    "Freaking hell, what are you saying?! No matter what, I'm a youthful and peerlessly beautiful girl!"

    "Besides youth, what have the other two traits got to do with you?"

    "Damn you, Wu Xingye, are you looking for a beating?"

    "And you think you're my match?" The man snorted coldly. Did she think she was like Mu Huan?

    "You think I'm not your match? See if I don't pinch you to death!" Li Meng said as she reached across to pinch him, but the moment she turned around, she fell into his embrace. At once, the atmosphere turned from one that was argumentative to one that was awkwardly suggestive.

    Li Meng's hand that was reaching out to pinch Wu Xingye now hung awkwardly in midair.

    They looked at each other, suddenly realizing there were strange feelings that they couldn't quite place. Hurriedly, they looked away from each other.

    After these feelings had passed, Li Meng made no move to pinch Wu Xingye again. Instead, she quickly turned so that her back was facing the man.

    As he looked at the back of her head, he suddenly felt a dryness in his mouth and a tightness in his throat.

    Li Meng's heart, on the other hand, was thumping like a drum. She had no idea what was going on with herself. Obviously, she and Wu Xingye were so familiar with each other that he had seen every unbecoming side of her. So why did she suddenly feel so tensed and why was her heart racing?

    After some time, Wu Xingye finally spoke to break the awkward tension.

    "I wonder when this car will be driving off. Could we possibly be spending the night here?"
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