271 She Really Has Rather Bad Taste

    If there was trouble, Mu Huan had to go to their rescue even if it meant exposing the situation.

    Fortunately, things were well with Li Meng - the car had driven out of the car park.

    Mu Huan was relieved. As long as they were able to leave the club safely and, after that, make an escape from the car owner's home, there shouldn't be any problem.

    Now that Mu Huan was less worried and more relaxed, she was in the mood for good food.

    And she ordered lots of it.

    When Bao Junyan returned from the washroom, Mu Huan warmly invited him to sit down. "Hubby, Hubby, the food here looks really good!"

    Bao Junyan raised an eyebrow at the big shift in her mood. Did having good food make her that happy?

    Naturally, Bao Junyan had taken Mu Huan to the best of places for food, and the dishes tasted better than they looked. Mu Huan ate to her heart's content.

    At this point, Li Meng sent a message to tell her that they were safe.

    They were most fortunate that, after the car owner had left the club, he had picked up a woman and they headed for a hotel. Now they had escaped and were on their way back in a cab.

    This news put Mu Huan in an even better mood.

    She put away her cell phone and looked at Bao Junyan sweetly. "Hubby, can we get some takeouts for Xiao Meng? The food here is really good!"

    It would be such a waste if the two didn't get a taste of this great food!

    Bao Junyan replied, however, "Didn't you say she's fat and doesn't want supper?"

    Mu Huan: "...!!!"

    Freaking hell! She was so happy that she had forgotten what she had just said!

    "The food here is just too good! It's such a waste to miss it! Besides, one would only have the energy to lose wight after eating. For sure, she'll eat it if I bring it back for her!"

    Bao Junyan gave her a look but did not speak further.

    As though trying to prove something to him, Mu Huan took out her cell phone and sent a voice message to Li Meng, "Xiao Meng, Hubby and I just had a really yummy supper. I will get some takeouts for you, so just forget about dieting for today."

    When Li Meng heard this message, she understood at once and quickly replied, "Damn! You always have to tempt me when I'm dieting!"

    "So do you want to eat it or not?"

    "I do! Where would I get the energy to diet otherwise?!" If there was good food, Li Meng wouldn't miss it for anything.

    After listening to her voice message, Mu Huan looked at Bao Junyan and gave him the I-told-you-so look.

    Bao Junyan laughed but said nothing still.

    After returning to the hotel, Mu Huan took the food to Li Meng.

    At the same time, PA Wang had come back to report on his investigation.

    "The surveillance system at the club had broken down. The recordings for tonight had been reformatted and couldn't be salvaged."

    Bao Junyan was not the least bit surprised.

    It's already an established law that when there's an incident, the surveillance system would break down.

    "What happened at the club? Why did they activate all the security officers?" Bao Junyan felt that, somehow, his little wife was hiding something from him.

    "Two people had managed to sneak into the club, one disguised as a service staff, the other was a female disguised as a male. According to the Security Supervisor, the two girls could be trying to get into the VIP room, either to track down a celebrity or record some secret footage."

    "Have they been caught?"

    "Not yet."

    Bao Junyan narrowed his eyes. With a surveillance system using such advanced technology and with the best security team among all the entertainment clubs in the Imperial Capital, they still didn't manage to catch anyone.

    Did normal idol chasers even have such capability?

    PA Wang reported, "Best Actor Liu Changfeng was at the club tonight. This is a picture of him."

    Bao Junyan swept his gaze over the picture and made a disdainful expression. His little wife actually idolized someone like this.

    She really had rather bad taste.
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