281 A Bigger Lurking Threat 1

    "Interesting, my ass!" Mu Huan slammed her hand down on the cell phone that he had used to show her the video.

    Long Feiting wasn't ruffled and said, "I have backup copies. Many."

    This time around wasn't going to be like last time, when he had only one copy.

    "Long Feiting, can't you use some other ways? You're always using the tactic of recording, don't you feel yourself to be quite useless?" Mu Huan narrowed her eyes.

    "It doesn't matter whether it's a black cat or a white cat. It's a good cat as long as it catches the rats! If it can be settled by one method, why waste my effort thinking?!" Long Feiting didn't feel himself to be useless at all.

    Mu Huan was speechless.

    "Hey, tell me, why would you take on such missions when you're married to such a wealthy big boss like Bao Junyan? I've investigated you. After your stepmother died, your grandmother had been cordial with you. She needs you so she'll never make life difficult for you, and your maternal grandmother is doing fine. So what are you thinking? Why do you do these things behind Bao Junyan's back?" Long Feiting asked curiously.

    Bao Junyan was rich, and he pampered her. To think that she'd take on such dangerous work, what was she thinking?

    As though it wasn't enough that she studied so hard, she had to take on such jobs. Why was she working this frantically?

    Instead of answering his question, she asked, "How did you know where I went and how did you manage to record this?"

    What he had shown Mu Huan was the scene of how she had disguised herself as a service staff at the Imperial Capital. There was even footage of her prying open the car boot for Li Meng and Wu Xingye to hide themselves in!

    She did not expect that there was an even bigger danger lurking behind!

    "Tell me your answer first, then I'll tell you mine!" He asked the question first! Didn't she know the meaning of first come, first served?

    "I don't depend on others. No matter how wealthy Bao Junyan is, that money is not mine. The only money that is mine is what I earn for myself." If he wanted an answer, she'd give him an answer.

    "Is it that simple?" Long Feiting felt that there was more than that.

    "Tell me then, what other reasons should I have?" Mu Huan asked in return.

    Long Feiting: "..."

    He was asking her why she worked so hard precisely because he didn't know the reason!

    Mu Huan looked at Long Feiting and suddenly realized: "Don't tell me that this case was actually a trap you laid?"

    It was no wonder she felt that there was something wrong somewhere, somehow!

    "You could consider it so. But I was really trying to nab someone else - I didn't expect to end up nabbing you!"

    It was a real coincidence. Long Feiting was just having a meal at that restaurant and overheard the restaurant owner talking to his wife. He told her he was entrusting a certain Know-All Agency to retrieve that video of his daughter.

    Long Feiting had been looking for that woman by the name of Song Xing, who had beaten up some hooligans near their school. And the merchant representatives previously mentioned that she was sent by this Know-All Agency. But because the agency did not have permanent staff, there was no way he could find out more about the woman if she did not take on a job.

    Hence, when he heard the name Know-All Agency, he had immediately gone and struck a deal with their boss. He had increased the amount of commission because he wanted to bait this woman called Song Xing.

    However, Song Xing did not accept the job and it was taken by someone else. He thought that, as these agents all worked for the same agency, he should be able to squeeze a clue or two about Song Xing, as long as he nabbed someone.

    But he could never have imagined that he'd end up nabbing Mu Huan!

    So, when she was standing around the fake mountain the other day talking about taking on work, she was talking about this work - she was also an agent of the Know-All Agency!

    "Who were you trying to nab?"

    "A woman by the name of Song Xing. Her eyes are just like yours! It's that person who had beaten up the thugs at Commerce Street on campus the other time!"
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