282 A Bigger Lurking Threat 2

    All these years, Long Feiting had depended on looking at a person's eyes in his search for his Little Star. Hence, he had seen many pairs of eyes just like Mu Huan's. There were a few people whom he had thought was his Little Star, but it was only on further chat about their past that he realized they weren't. Having been through all that, he didn't really think much about the coincidence.

    Mu Huan: "...!!!"

    Freaking hell! He still hadn't given up looking for her!

    Fortunately, after that assignment, she had changed her nickname, and she was now using her new nickname for carrying out all her assignments! Otherwise, she'd have been caught!

    As Long Feiting observed her, he was quite sure that she knew that woman by the name of Song Xing. He said, "Tell me where this woman called Song Xing is, who she is, and I'll destroy this recording and let you continue to earn your pocket money without Bao Junyan discovering!"

    Mu Huan was Bao Junyan's wife. Even if he had this sort of evidence, there was little he could do to deal her a vicious blow. He might as well exchange it for some clues to Song Xing's whereabouts!

    A woman who had dared to play him out that way, he was determined to punish!

    Mu Huan: "..."

    Should she feel so lucky that Long Feiting was so foolish? That he should think that Song Xing's eyes were so similar to hers but did not think that she was, in fact, her?

    "I have no idea who this Song Xing is!"

    "Don't you try to fool me! You work for the same agency!"

    "You could check with Know-All Agency. They have a huge pool of staff and all of them take on assignments online, unless they have an exceptionally close relationship. Otherwise, they would never meet up. Besides, although we are colleagues, we are also competitors, and sometimes we're even enemies. Why would the person allow me to find out anything about her background?!"

    What Mu Huan said was true. The agents of Know-All Agency accepted their assignments online. She didn't even know where the agency's headquarters was located. The Know-All Agency that she often went to was but a rented space that she had set up with a few close collaborators. It was only to provide a more professional front for them when they accepted assignments.

    There were a great many other agents in Know-All Agency whom she didn't know!

    Putting it simply, their office was like a takeout stall and they were like deliverymen. If someone placed an order, they would take it and deliver the goods. Often, deliverymen who served a particular region would know each other, but there were many deliverymen for many other regions. Although they were all takeout deliverymen, they didn't know each other.

    "Even if you don't know her, surely you have some special way to locate her! You are working for this sort of agency - surely there is information existing within the agency!"

    "We are actually not that different from bounty hunters. Everyone's secretive, and the agency doesn't need any information. Besides, in our line of work, there are often many who would quit after one or two jobs. Someone might use a fake name to accept an assignment and then quit. How are you going to locate that person among so many others? How are you going to contact that person?"

    Long Feiting narrowed his eyes. Although what she said made sense and it was difficult to find a counter-argument, he just felt that things were not like what she was saying!

    "I don't care what method you use, you just have to locate her! Once you've located her, you'd be able to get rid of these recordings. If you can't find her, I will hand this over to Bao Junyan! Let him see what you're doing behind his back!"

    Mu Huan glared at Long Feiting, wishing she could kill him!

    There was no way she was going to give herself away!

    "What has that person done to offend you that you have to find her no matter what? As a man, can't you have a bigger heart?" She tried to persuade him to give up the search for Song Xing.
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