285 A Bigger Lurking Threat 5

    Long Feiting was convinced.

    It was true that it would be even more impossible for her to find Song Xing when he himself couldn't.

    "And, although I'm not that afraid that you will show my husband the video, if you show it to him, I'll just tell him that you've used it to threaten me and bully me. I'll say that you wanted me to kneel down before you, and even betray him, to get back at him for making you apologize publicly! And that I'd rather die than give in! Let's see who ends up being worse off!"

    Long Feiting: "...!!!"

    "Mu Huan, can you be any more shameless?"

    "Yes, I can!"

    Long Feiting: "..."

    All his life, he had never had to admit defeat to anyone. Mu Huan was the first!

    What now...

    It seemed that he liked her more and more.

    He had not been vicious to Mu Huan for Bao Junyan's sake, but when they were crossing swords the last few times, while it was obvious that he had the upper hand and the evidence against her, in the end, she had inevitably turned the tide.

    He'd spent much effort designing those traps for her to fall into, but she would always manage to climb out of them, treading on his head!

    This only made him more in awe of her, when his initial intention had been to sabotage her.

    But that did nothing to save him face; every time he put in the effort, she'd only end up gaining the upper hand!


    "No matter what, I can't have wasted all my efforts to scheme all these. You have to pay a price too, to keep me somewhat happy!"

    Mu Huan: "...!!!"

    No sh*t! What was this guy saying?!

    "Why not? Let's just take the risk. I'll show this video to Bao Junyan and you can say what you want to him! If you dare to, I'll dare to, too!" It was clear on his face: If you're not going to keep me a little happy, I'm going to take the risk!

    Mu Huan: "..."

    As far as she could help it, she wanted to keep that from Bao Junyan.

    "And how do you want to be kept happy? Also, if we find some joy for you, will you destroy this video?" If making him happy for a bit was going to satisfy his frustrated heart and put this whole episode behind them, then she was willing to do it!

    "Destroying it will depend on my mood. But I can guarantee I won't show it to Bao Junyan!" He could keep the video to watch for his own entertainment whenever he felt like it. Her action flick was much better than the fake ones acted out by those celebrities!

    Mu Huan twitched her mouth.

    However, although Long Feiting was like a fly that went around looking for dirt to stir, he had his saving grace - he was someone who kept his word.

    "Alright." Give and take - it would help resolve the matter.

    Just as Long Feiting was about to speak...

    Mu Huan suddenly said, "There's this guy, he tells the girl he likes, marry me! I love you and can't be without you! The girl says, no, my mom would be displeased. She says you're a good-for-nothing. The boy says, if you don't agree, I'll kill myself right before your eyes! As he says this, he lifted his gun. The girl says, please wait, I'll have to ask my mom! The boy thinks, haha, I knew this would work. The girl returns and says, Mom says I'm a grownup now and I can watch a bloody scene. You may go ahead!"

    Long Feiting was stumped and looked at her, asking, "What do you mean by that?"

    "Didn't you ask me to make you happy? I'm telling you a joke!" Mu Huan said in a serious tone.

    Long Feiting said, "You make me laugh! You think I wanted you to tell me jokes?! I..."

    He did not finish what he was saying.

    Mu Huan interrupted, "You said it yourself, I've made you laugh! You only wanted a little happiness but I made you laugh until your sides have split. I'd consider that as having completed my task over and above expectations!"
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