295 Making Her Life Difficult 2

    "I believe Mother Chen!" Mu Huan trusted Mother Chen's capabilities.

    In the meantime, in a private room at a cafe near the Mu family residence...

    "What did you say? Long Feiting made Mu Huan apologize to you, but you ran away? Are you insane?!" Lin Qingya blew her top the moment she heard Mu Kexin's words.

    Was she stupid?! Was she stupid or something?! Mu Huan was such an intelligent person - wouldn't this odd behavior just arouse her suspicion?

    "It's already done. No matter how much you insult me now, it's useless. You might as well think of a way to salvage the situation!" Mu Kexin said irritably. After she had returned, she too realized the boo-boo she had made and how it had only served to put her at greater risk. This was why she had come to Lin Qingya to discuss the matter.

    Lin Qingya knew, too, that it was useless saying anything now. Salvaging the situation was the critical focus!

    "Surely Mu Huan will now suspect that you've been up to something, that's why you had avoided her. She may even have started to take action." Lin Qingya knew Mu Huan too well.

    "What do we do, then?" Mu Kexin was afraid that Mu Huan would get to the bottom of things. If that happened, it would be the end of her!

    "You don't have to be too worried about having pretended to be Song Xing - the only people who know about it are your grandmother and me. Even your father is unaware. As long as it doesn't get out, she wouldn't be able to find out.

    "Besides, you didn't identify yourself to Long Feiting, and you've never said to him that you are Song Xing, who got kidnapped with him years ago. What is there to be afraid of?"

    "That's true, but..." Mu Kexin knew this too, but she couldn't help being worried about running into Mu Huan. She was afraid of being found out. If Long Feiting found out that she wasn't Song Xing... she didn't dare to think about how dire the consequences would be!

    "There's no but! You have to put aside your fears, you have to think that what you fear does not exist, you don't have to fear!" Lin Qingya tried to brainwash her.

    "How could I put my fears aside? If I were to be discovered, that would be the end of me!" Lin Qingya was going to marry Gu Chenyi - of course nothing would happen to her. But herself? At that point, she would die on her own!

    "What do you mean, if we're to be discovered? Don't you understand what I was just saying? You didn't do anything. It was Long Feiting who came looking for you and he fell in love with you at first glance. What could they discover about you? What are you afraid of?!" Lin Qingya wished she could crack open Mu Kexin's brain and restructure it.

    If she had this sort of opportunity, not only would she not have been discovered, she would have married into the Long family!

    It was such a good opportunity, and yet, up until this point, apart from not having made any progress with Long Feiting, she was trying to avoid Mu Huan out of fear!

    What a useless girl!

    "I know..." Mu Kexin knew this all along, but...

    "If you know, then relax and be bolder!

    "Also, Long Feiting has not made a move on you, he's only been saying that he wishes to woo you. I think it's because he's lost interest in you after having interacted with you. If you wish to marry him, there's no hope. Given this, you might as well show your true colors. Be the arrogant and willful person that you used to be, make full use of his gratitude toward you as his benefactor and create trouble for Mu Huan, suppress her!"

    Lin Qingya was livid from yesterday, especially about the things that Mu Huan said toward the end. Those filled her with hatred for the girl!

    But she couldn't possibly get herself into a direct confrontation. If she weren't cautious, she could end up losing everything she had now.

    Hence, she had to encourage Mu Kexin to attack Mu Huan!
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