307 Even If He Killed Her Ten Thousand Times

    The fight between Long Feiting and Gu Chenyi had alarmed the Director of Education, but because both of them did not wish to pursue the matter, the Director of Education only reprimanded them before letting them go.

    The students had thought that there was great enmity between the two of them given their vicious fight. They thought that, for sure, they would be hostile toward each other from now on. Unexpectedly, the moment they left the office of the Director of Education, they put their arms around each other's back and headed for a drink.

    All the students: "..."

    What was that all about? Now they were like brothers after the fight and were headed out for a drink!

    If they were on such good terms, why did they even fight?

    It was nighttime...

    A very drunk Gu Chenyi returned to his apartment near the school.

    "Chenyi, what's the matter?" Lin Qingya, who had been sitting on the sofa and waiting for his return, hurried toward him to hold him steady. She saw that he wasn't only drunk, but there were also injuries on his handsome face.

    "Go away!" Gu Chenyi shook her off.

    Not expecting to be shaken off, Lin Qingya stumbled back a few steps. As she recovered, she clutched her belly in fear and became careful to avoid the man.

    Just as she thought that today wasn't an appropriate time to be around and got ready to leave...

    Gu Chenyi suddenly grabbed her by her shoulders forcefully. His eyes were bloodshot as he hollered, "Lin Qingya, are you taking me for a fool? Are you?!"

    Lin Qingya was frightened by the drunk man and replied, "What are you saying, Chenyi...? I don't know... Chenyi let go of me, don't hurt the baby..."

    The child inside her was her golden ticket. Nothing bad must happen to it!

    "Don't hurt the child?" Gu Chenyi looked at her belly and suddenly started to laugh in a frightening manner.

    Lin Qingya shuddered involuntarily but forced herself to remain calm. She said, "Chenyi, Grandfather and Mom both look forward to this child. Nothing bad must happen to it."

    She knew that Gu Chenyi was a filial child, and no matter what, he wouldn't let his grandfather and mother suffer.

    "Lin Qingya, you are very intelligent. I was really blind! So blind! And so stupid! And it's no wonder you would play me like a fool! Because I am one!"

    Seeing him like this, she immediately thought of a way to deal with him. A girl so composed and scheming. To think that he had taken her to be a weak and kind angel!

    He was so blind that he deserved to die!

    "Chenyi, you're drunk..."

    "Drunk? I wish I were! I wish I were so drunk I'd forget everything! But I couldn't get myself drunk enough, I'm still sober!" Gu Chenyi laughed.

    But this laughter made him look worse than his crying.

    "Chenyi, I don't know what the matter is, but I want to say..." Before Lin Qingya could finish, Gu Chenyi interrupted.

    "Lin Qingya, do you have any idea how much I want to kill you? Do you?!" She had ruined his life! Completely ruined it! He really, really wished he could kill her! And even if he killed her ten thousand times over, it wouldn't get rid of the hatred he felt!

    Lin Qingya was scared stiff by that look of extreme hatred in his eyes, but she said, "Chenyi, you're really drunk. Don't be like this, I..."

    "I've gone to talk to those bosses from before! They said it was Matriarch Mu who gave them money to provide fake accounts that Xiao Huan had indeed worked for them!" Gu Chenyi suddenly revealed.

    Prior to this, he had been unwilling to believe Mu Huan. He wouldn't have been able to accept having made such a low-down mistake, if he should find out that Mu Huan was speaking the truth. It was he who'd pushed away the woman he loved most from his own life!
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