308 Going the Opposite Way 1

    Prior to this, he had been unwilling to believe Mu Huan. He wouldn't have been able to accept having made such a low-down mistake, if he should find out that Mu Huan was speaking the truth. It was he who'd pushed away the woman he loved most from his own life!

    Hence, he had been firm in his belief that Mu Huan was lying. But after that day, he could no longer hold firm his own belief.

    He also thought, if Mu Huan was really the sort of girl who would become a hostess for money, if she were such a bad girl, then why would his uncle, who was such a shrewd man, still want her and love her?

    He could no longer lie to himself, so he had gone to look for those bosses who had initially given false accounts. Then, he was forced to accept the truth that he had been unable to deal with...

    Actually, the truth had always been simple and one only had to investigate to uncover it. Only, he had been unwilling to accept his own foolishness and didn't want to investigate.

    In reality, he should have investigated the matter - to confirm that Mu Huan was wrongly accused, to confirm that, at a point where the girl whom he loved had come to dire straits, he not only doubted her, he had viciously plunged the knife deeper.

    He wanted to die! He had no idea how to face the future, he had no idea how to face her. He also had no idea how he was going to bear this agony of having pushed her away.

    He liked her so much...

    So much, so much...

    He had never wanted anything more than he wanted her.

    That unbearable pain made him want to kill Lin Qingya so much!

    It was her! She ruined his life! It was her!

    Lin Qingya wanted to say more, but she froze.

    She had wondered if Gu Chenyi had found out anything, but she had not expected him to have investigated the matter, to have looked for those bosses!

    He had completely unearthed the truth of the past!

    "From now on, my life is hell, and you will come to hell with me! You will never get whatever it is that you've always wanted! I will make your life as Madam Gu more painful than being in jail!" Didn't she dream of marrying him? Good, let her. Let her be Madam Gu!

    He wanted to ruin all her dreams, he wanted her to live a life of misery!

    Lin Qingya turned pale instantly. Now she knew that all those things he'd done were done intentionally!

    "Chenyi..." As Lin Qingya recovered from her shock, she tried to defend herself.

    "Get out! Disappear from my sight right now! Scram!" While Gu Chenyi could tolerate her normally, the drunk man didn't wish to look at her for even a second longer than he had to!

    Given his state and knowing that whatever she said now was going to be useless, plus that it was really too dangerous to be around him, she decided not to say much more.

    She left hurriedly.

    After leaving Gu Chenyi's apartment, Lin Qingya walked to the garden outside. Suddenly, her legs were shaking and she couldn't go any further. She quickly held on to the stone bench next to her and slowly sat herself down, taking deep breaths as she did so.

    After a while, she felt herself calming down.

    But when she thought of Gu Chenyi's words, she suddenly became fearful again!

    She did not understand how things came to this. Why did the heavens treat her this way?!

    She only wanted to marry into a good family so that she wouldn't have to suffer in the future. Why did she get such treatment?!

    Mu Huan never had to do anything. She was even forced to marry into a wealthy family and had a husband who doted on her! Whereas she had spent so much effort and had been nothing but cautious - it had been like treading on thin ice, but things turned out this way!

    It was unfair! It was really unfair!
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