317 Announcing His Married Status 2

    "No matter what you say, you can't hide your jealousy!" Li Meng poked at her chest.

    Mu Huan snorted.

    She was the sort who would quickly act on what she said, and she wanted to buy a ring for Bao Junyan.

    After school, with Li Meng in tow, she headed off to get a ring. She took a look at all the counters before coming to the one that gave her the best vibes.

    "Everything here looks great..." Li Meng's eyes sparkled like the diamonds she was looking at.

    "Uh-huh, they have good designs."

    "F*ck me! This tiny ring costs over 30 thousand!" Having seen the price, Li Meng felt like the price tag was pretty sparkly too.

    "Which is why they are called luxury goods." If she were buying it for herself, for sure she wouldn't be able to part with this money. But because of Bao Junyan's status, it would ruin his god-like dignity if she were to buy something too cheap!

    Mu Huan asked the counter employee for a closer look at one of the rings that were in the display case.

    "Have you asked Bao Junyan his ring size?" Li Meng suddenly thought of this.

    "Don't you remember where I used to work? I can tell a person's ring size just by glancing at their hand." Mu Huan used to work in a jewelry shop during the school holidays.

    "You're good!" Li Meng gave her the thumbs-up sign.

    The counter employee took the ring out of the display case and showed it to Mu Huan. Li Meng grimaced when she noticed the price tag and said, "It's a nice design, but there aren't that many diamonds on it and it costs 500 thousand!"

    "This design is worth the money. It carries an understated luxury and a subtle authority about it. It suits my husband well." Mu Huan had gone to a number of shops and this was the only ring that felt right to her.

    "Having seen so many rings, I think this is indeed the best. It goes well with God Bao!" Apart from the price, Li Meng did think that this was the best ring too.

    The ring grew on Mu Huan as she looked at it. Feeling satisfied, she looked up and said, "Please wrap this for me."

    Initially, the counter employee thought that the girls were only looking, given that they weren't dressed up and looked like students. But when Mu Huan so unhesitatingly bought the ring, the employee's attitude suddenly turned from being a casual one to one that was full of enthusiasm.

    "There is a tie clip that goes with this ring design, would you like to take a look?" the counter employee asked as she signaled to her colleague to bring the tie clip over.

    Mu Huan was about to decline, but when she saw the tie clip that the other counter employee was bringing over, it caught her attention again. It would suit Bao Junyan particularly well, and she couldn't help but reached out for it to take a closer look. And the more she looked at it, the more she liked it.

    She thought that the matching ring and tie clip would look outstanding on Bao Junyan!

    "Looks good! Excellent!" Even Li Meng, who had never paid attention to things like tie clips, felt that it looked good. "But it's expensive too!"

    "Yes, it's quite expensive." The tie clip cost 300 thousand.

    "These diamonds on the tie clip are from South Africa. The cut and clarity are excellent, so 300 thousand is really a bargain. Furthermore, these are limited edition pieces. They are sold only in our shop in this country, and there is only one piece. We still have it only because it only just arrived this morning," the counter employee said.

    Just as Mu Huan had decided to buy this...

    Suddenly, a voice spoke from behind them.

    "This tie clip design doesn't look too bad."

    Upon hearing this, Mu Huan and Li Meng turned around on reflex. They saw a girl about their own age, decked in branded clothing.

    Without waiting for Mu Huan to speak, the girl picked up the tie clip that the counter employee had just packaged for Mu Huan.

    She looked at the object carefully and then said, "I want this. Package it for me."
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