320 Look Whos Crying in Fear 3

    For a moment, Mu Huan thought that he was going to make her give in to Huo Yuqi, and she quickly said, "I'm not going to let her have it. I bought it for you, Hubby! I looked at every special counter before I found what I liked!"

    "Bought for me?" The normally docile girl had gotten into a fight over this thing and it was for him?

    "Uh-huh!" Mu Huan nodded, looking a little hurt. Clearly, she was the one who saw it first, and now, she had been accused of fighting someone for it.

    Bao Junyan: "..."

    He couldn't say what emotion he was feeling at this moment.

    Only that, after being silent for a while, he looked toward Huo Yuqi and said firmly, "If you're a good girl, then listen to me and find something else to fancy and I will get it for you. But if you want to argue further, then you should just go home now!"

    Although Huo Yuqi was obstinate and overbearing, she wasn't a pampered wealthy little miss without a brain. She could tell from Bao Junyan's tone that he was not going to take sides with her.

    "If there was anything I wanted, don't you think I can get it myself?!" On this note, she stomped upstairs.

    Bao Junyan shifted his gaze back to Mu Huan and said, "This child has been spoiled. If she ever finds trouble with you again, just reprimand her."

    "Hubby..." Mu Huan was touched and threw herself into his embrace.

    What a great husband she had! No matter whom she had had a disagreement with, he would always stand by her!

    Bao Junyan lowered his head and planted a kiss on her forehead, asking, "What did you buy for me?"

    On this topic, Mu Huan immediately perked up.

    "It's a good thing!" she exclaimed as she freed herself from his embrace and turned to fish out something from her bag.

    She started by opening the box that held the ring.

    As Bao Junyan looked at the ring in the box, there was a stir of emotions in his eyes.

    "Hubby, I think you should make your marital status clear. This way, those young ladies at school will stop hanging around you in such an insane manner," Mu Huan said as she took the ring out of the box. "Shall I put that on for you?"

    As Bao Junyan looked at the ring that she was now holding, the stirring in his heart became stronger.

    He did not speak and only held out his hand.

    Mu Huan looked at his slender and long fingers and couldn't help exclaiming, "Even your hand is like a work of art! Aren't you just overbearingly perfect?!"

    The corners of his mouth turned up slightly as he looked into her dark eyes. He was burning inside.

    Mu Huan slowly slipped the ring onto his finger, and then, taking his hand, she looked at the ring. It really grew on her! "It's so gorgeous!"

    Then she lifted her head.

    "Hubby, I chose this. Isn't it super gorgeous? And it suits you really well!"


    "And this! Your cousin was fighting with me over this. The design goes with the ring," Mu Huan said as she lowered her head to put on the tie clip for him. Then she took his hand and placed it next to the tie. The matching combination looked better than she had imagined!

    "Isn't it superb?!"


    Mu Huan was increasingly satisfied with how it looked as her gaze hovered on the ring and tie clip. She added, "But the main thing is that my husband is dashing!"

    Her husband was so dashing that whatever he wore was just icing on the cake.

    Bao Junyan couldn't hold himself back any longer as he looked at the pride-filled expression on her tiny face. He lowered his head and kissed her on her ruby red lips.

    From his earliest memory until now, he had received countless presents, but none had ever made him feel the way he was feeling now.

    In the meantime, upstairs...

    Huo Yuqi, who had never been so infuriated in her life, broke down in tears. After she had cried for a while, she picked up her cell phone and sent a text message.

    "Sister Ling Wei, are you busy? I'm here at Cousin's house and have met that woman he married. She's a really bad, nasty person! She's not even a fraction as good as you. Come back quickly and get rid of her!"
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