337 Dirty Deeds 2

    The necklace that Huo Yuqi had lost was not found in Mu Huan's bag. It was, instead, found in Li Meng's bag.

    Everyone was surprised. If she had wanted to implicate Mu Huan by planting the necklace, why would she have placed it in Li Meng's bag and not Mu Huan's? Could it be possible that she wanted to argue that Mu Huan was afraid to be found out after she had stolen the necklace and therefore hid it in Li Meng's bag?

    And that would make the case of Mu Huan stealing the necklace more convincing?

    As everyone was taken by surprise and started to make guesses...

    They saw Huo Yuqi fishing out a necklace from the bag. As she did so, she looked toward Li Meng with an expression of great disdain and said, "Didn't I say so? Crookedness gets passed on, it's indeed true! Your father was a thief and you indulge in these dirty deeds as well!"

    "Who are you saying indulges in dirty deeds?!" Li Meng was instantly provoked.

    "You! I'm talking about you! Otherwise, why would my diamond necklace be in your bag?!" Huo Yuqi's accusing expression was clear - the stolen object had been found in Li Meng's bag, it was no use denying!

    "Huo Yuqi, it's fine if you wish to plant evidence in my bag and frame me, I'll play along for your cousin's sake. But watch your words!" Mu Huan's expression turned icy. If the girl wanted to create trouble for her, she could try to tolerate it as best as possible, but she was not going to tolerate her creating trouble for Li Meng!

    "What do you mean planting evidence to frame you?! Why would I want to do that? It's not like I have too much time! She saw how beautiful my necklace was, and it's something that she'll never be able to afford in her lifetime, so she stole it!" Huo Yuqi pointed at Li Meng.

    "Stop talking nonsense!" Li Meng charged up to her angrily.

    Mu Huan stopped her. Even if they were going to teach Huo Yuqi a lesson, she'd be the one to do it. If she punished Huo Yuqi, Bao Junyan would protect her, but if Li Meng did anything to the girl, the Huo family would not just sit back and do nothing.

    "I'm not talking nonsense. Do you dare say your father is not a thief? Your father was beaten and had his leg broken because he was stealing, and you dare steal! Oh, yes, and before this, there was the high profile case - wasn't the crippled man your father?! With those genes, how clean would you be?!"

    After Huo Yuqi's brother, Huo Li, had been beaten up last time for smearing Mu Huan's name, he knew that they must not directly attack Mu Huan. Hence, he had investigated the background of Mu Huan's good friend, Li Meng.

    Li Meng had a father who loved to steal and gamble. Although his leg had been broken because he was stealing and he thereafter hardly stole, this didn't stop him from gambling. Earlier in the year, he had kidnapped a young girl and demanded a ransom so that he could pay off his gambling debts.

    In the end, he was caught even before he could call the girl's family to blackmail them. He was afraid of being charged for kidnapping so he had stupidly said he took the girl home because she was cute and that his intention was only to keep her at home to accompany him. He claimed he hadn't done anything to her and her family had very quickly found him.

    He thought that by saying that, the girl's family would not make a report since, after all, he hadn't done anything to the girl.

    To his dismay, the girl's family went ahead to press charges against him for kidnapping a young girl.

    Not only was he nabbed, but the matter was also circulated widely on the internet, and for a while, the news of his kidnapping was the focus of attention. Netizens reprimanded him, saying that he deserved to die and should be chemically neutered! Dying ten thousand times over would not be enough to punish people like him!

    This incident had happened in Yun Cheng, so naturally, the students of Yun University knew about it. Many of them had even left a message online reprimanding the crippled man. Now, it was made known that the crippled man who kidnapped the girl was Li Meng's father.

    Instantly, Li Meng's expression changed!

    Who would have thought she had such a father?!
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