339 Its Too Late for Regrets 1

    "What? You want to hit me? Come! Come and hit me!" Ever since she was young, Huo Yuqi had never known what being afraid felt like. Besides that, she was waiting for Mu Huan to hit her.

    If Mu Huan dared to do so, she would immediately tell her aunt that she hit her so she could cause her aunt to dislike this daughter-in-law of hers and make her scram off more quickly!

    Mu Huan's hand clenched into a fist tightly. She really wanted to destroy her face!

    Had she never thought of how hurtful it was to slander someone like this?!

    "Huo Yuqi, let me tell you one more time. I don't care how you want to make my life terrible, but don't touch my friend. You better apologize to her immediately! Admit that you placed the necklace in her bag!"

    "Why would I place my necklace in her bag? It's her fault for stealing it!" Although Huo Yuqi said that, her expression was obviously challenging Mu Huan. It was as if it's saying: I'm making your friend take the blame on purpose, so what?! If you have the guts, come and hit me!

    Just as Mu Huan was about to lose control and punch her, Long Feiting stepped forward and pulled Huo Yuqi over.

    "Yuqi, stop messing around." Long Feiting knew how much her family pampered her. She's the only girl in such a huge family, and Bo Junyan's mother loved this niece of hers a lot. If Mu Huan punched her and Bo Junyan ditched Mu Huan, Mu Huan would be done for without Bo Junyan even having to do anything.

    "Long Feiting, don't speak nonsense!" Huo Yuqi glared at Long Feiting.

    "You're the one who should stop speaking nonsense and messing around! I saw you put the necklace in Li Meng's bag with my own eyes. I know that you dislike them a lot because you lost to them when you tried snatching items at the mall and thus wanted to create a joke to scare them, but you're really going overboard with this joke of yours!" As Long Feiting said that, his gaze directed at Huo Yuqi became a little colder.

    His gaze was obviously telling her that she better step down obediently with his help!

    Huo Yuqi looked at Long Feiting angrily. Why was he helping Mu Huan? Was he stupid?!

    He's actually speaking up for both of them!

    The rest of the students were also surprised. They never thought that Long Feiting, who was always at odds with Mu Huan, would stand and speak up for Li Meng.

    Shouldn't he be adding fuel to the fire right now?

    "Long Feiting, you..." Huo Yuqi wanted to say something.

    But Long Feiting's tone became more serious. "Huo Yuqi!"

    She better not continue making a fuss!

    Seeing that change, Huo Yuqi didn't want to anger Long Feiting any more and said, "Forget it. For Long Feiting's sake, I will not fuss over it with you."

    Anyway, she wasn't intending to report it to the police or anything. She just wanted to shame Mu Huan's friend and also put Mu Huan in an embarrassing spot.

    "What do you mean by fussing over it with us? The ones who should be fussing over it is us! How dare you malign Xiao Meng!" Mu Huan wasn't going to give in so easily.

    "I didn't malign her, she's the one who had done a dirty deed!"

    "Huo Yuqi, I'm giving you one last chance to apologize. If you don't apologize and admit what you did, I will sue you for defamation and slander!" Mu Huan's eyes became colder and colder.

    "Mu Huan..." Long Feiting looked at Mu Huan, trying to hint to her that the matter could be settled as long as both of them took a step back.

    If she really went to sue her, the ending would definitely be bad.

    However, Mu Huan would definitely not take a step back no matter what. If it was a matter regarding her, she wouldn't care, but this involved Li Meng's reputation. She had to make Huo Yuqi admit that it was her fault, apologize to Li Meng, and ask for her forgiveness!

    "Sue me if you can! Why would I be scared of you?!" Huo Yuqi said arrogantly.

    "Ok!" She really refuses to be convinced until reality strikes!
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