351 Coming Clean

    She could only take it one step at a time. And if the situation demanded it, she might very well have to come clean!

    She raised her head at the thought of this and said delicately, "Of course not. You have no idea how happy I am to be with Hubby! I'll just go exploring with Xiao Meng in the day!"

    Bo Junyan did not get angry that she was obviously trying to appease him. On the contrary, his unhappiness vanished as he lowered his head to give her a kiss. "It's great when you're behaving well."

    Mu Huan: "..."

    No, she had to progress things quickly! And she had to shake off this facade of good behavior! Otherwise, she'd blow her top if she were to hear him say "good girl" one more time!

    Then, realizing something, he said, "Haven't you been anxious about the progress of your experiment recently? So why are you suddenly going on a holiday?"

    Mu Huan felt a little depressed at the mention of this topic. "I feel that there hasn't been any development recently. I just want a change to lift my mood. Who knows, maybe I'd be filled with wisdom when I return and make big breakthroughs!"

    "That's not a bad idea," Bo Junyan said as he reached out to softly caress her head.

    Although he had smoothened her path into the future, still, he didn't wish to intervene too much when it came to academic matters, for he hoped that she would genuinely pick up these skills.

    "Well, then, continue with your work, I'll let Xiao Meng know," Mu Huan said as she got to her feet.


    As she was about to walk out, she turned around again at the thought of something. "Oh, Hubby, which flight are you taking? I'll book myself on the same flight."

    "There's no need to buy tickets, we're taking a private jet."

    Mu Huan: "..."

    Just how wealthy was her husband?

    Realizing that this was going to save her the money for the highest expenditure item of the trip, she suddenly felt that traveling with Bo Junyan was not such a bad choice after all.

    But Bo Junyan would have been devastated to know that all his wife could think of was saving on airfare.

    After returning to her room, Mu Huan immediately made a video call to Li Meng.

    Li Meng was stunned. "What? Bo Junyan is going on a business trip to T Country?"


    "What should we do now? If he'd be around, how are you going operate?" Li Meng clutched her head.

    "We'll take it one step at a time"

    After contemplating for a moment, Li Meng felt that that was the only way forward. "I'm sorry, Xiao Huan. In the future, I'll be sure to tell you these things at the first instant!"

    If she had told Xiao Huan about it in time, they wouldn't have come to this.

    Both of them had never traveled abroad and were not at all familiar with T Country. An operation like this would have been dangerous enough even in Yun Cheng, much less the unfamiliar T Country.

    "Don't blame yourself for this. You couldn't have expected something like this to happen." Mu Huan tried to console her.

    "We don't even know how Wu Xingye is doing." The more Li Meng thought about it, the more worried she became.

    "Xingye will be fine, he's very street smart." Mu Huan's gut feeling told her that he wasn't in danger at this point.

    "It's useless no matter how street smart he is. He's probably being locked up somewhere. He loves money so much, there's no chance he'd return the winnings. God knows how much beating he's getting for that!" Li Meng felt like slapping herself for not having told Xiao Huan about this matter earlier. If Wu Xingye had taken a loan from Xiao Huan to resolve the matter, there would have been no need for him to take this sort of risks.

    "It's no use thinking about this now." If there was an issue, then they'd have to resolve it.

    Li Meng understood what she meant and said nothing more apart from, "I'll go get packed now."


    "Oh, what time's the flight?"

    "We don't know yet, but Hubby says we'll go on his private jet. He hasn't told me the exact time, but I'll ask him after he's done with his work."

    "Okay," Li Meng replied.

    Li Meng was so distressed that she did not notice Mu Huan's mention of the private jet. The next day, when she boarded the plane and saw the interior configuration of the vessel, she was stunned.
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