356 My Adorable Casanova and I 2

    "When we get to T Country, you are to write a reflective essay of a thousand words. You are not to eat until you've done this."

    Mu Huan: "...!!!"

    As a foodie who simply had to have every meal of the day, it was bad enough to have had her favorite food taken away from her. And now, she was not to eat until she had written her essay.

    At once, Mu Huan was so upset, she found herself almost in tears.

    "I was only saying it as a casual remark earlier on, but now, I don't think it's merely a casual remark, I think it's the truth. You don't like me because I'm just a match-made bride. The person you like goes by the name of Ling Wei, and now, your true love is coming home. That is why you get angry at me so easily, you just want me to go away!"

    Bo Junyan: "..."

    What nonsense was she saying?

    "If you really want me to go, you don't have to do weird things like this. You only have to say you don't like me, and I will go..." Before she could even finish what she was saying...

    She found his lips sealed tightly over hers.

    This little imp had been spoiled by him and she was getting to be quite nonsensical when things didn't go her way.

    After a while, after quite a while...

    "Didn't you say you wanted to take a selfie?"

    Sometimes, women just have to kick up a hissy fit.

    "I'm no longer in the mood!" Mu Huan whined.

    "This is the only opportunity."

    Realizing that she would never outdo Bo Junyan's ego, she immediately took out her cell phone and positioned her face next to his, saying, "Here, here... give a smile!"

    A cold nature and a strict upbringing had made Bo Junyan a person who never liked smiling. Neither did he like having his pictures taken.

    Hence, when Mu Huan asked him to smile, he continued looking at the camera with a serious expression.

    But if one were to take a closer look at his serious expression, one would see that rare doting in his eyes.

    After a few clicks of the camera, she became quite dissatisfied with his serious expression. However, she knew that it was too much to expect of him to smile at the camera, to the extent that he could then possibly decide not to do this at all.

    Hence, she took his hand and positioned his lightly closed knuckle next to his face.

    "What are you doing?" He frowned.

    "Making a pose. You can't just be in one position."

    "Why strike an oath-taking pose?"

    "What do you mean, oath-taking pose?" Mu Huan, who was trying to get him to look adorable, was stunned by his question.

    "Isn't this an oath-taking pose?"

    Mu Huan lifted her gaze and looked at him, only to see that his hand, which she had initially positioned next to his face, had now shifted to the side of his head. Indeed, now he looked like he was saying... I swear and pledge my loyalty to whatever, whatever.

    She burst out into uncontrollable laughter.

    "It's not supposed to be an oath-taking pose! This is supposed to be an adorable pose," she said as she moved his lightly closed knuckle back next to his face. Then she positioned her face close to his and made a light knuckle with her other hand and placed that next to her own face, smiling at the camera most adorably.

    Then he saw on her selfie screen that a frame with two tiny kittens had suddenly appeared. He frowned but did not move.

    Mu Huan looked at the camera lens and took a few shots. Then she looked at the pictures excitedly and shouted, "Wow! Hubby, you're so adorable! So adorable!"

    Bo Junyan: "..."

    "Here, there's one with little rabbits, why don't you show a victory sign..." Mu Huan enthusiastically tried to make him strike some other poses.

    However, Bo Junyan would not take another shot.

    "Hubby..." Mu Huan started to throw a little tantrum.

    "Are you going to eat your crayfish before it gets cold?"

    She realized that cold crayfish would just taste bad and immediately said, "Yes, I'm eating it."

    As she chomped into her food, Bo Junyan found an excuse to keep himself busy, in case she started demanding for more selfies after she was done.

    Having had her food, and since Bo Junyan was still away, Mu Huan started to look through the selfies that they had taken earlier. The more she looked at them, the more she felt that the picture with the adorable pose and kitten frame was cute. Hence, she sent the picture to her WeChat Moments.
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