372 A Woman Must Be Coaxed 1

    "Hubby, what else do you want to eat? I'll prepare it for you!" Mu Huan looked at him with a face full of admiration. How obedient and virtuous I am!

    Don't torture such a good wife. Just pamper her!

    Still, Bo Junyan did not respond to her. His expression remained aloof.

    "Let's eat crabs, alright? I'll peel crabs too!" As she spoke, she picked up a crab and helped him peel it.

    Her husband was so scary when he got angry!

    Gong Zeye and the rest seemed to understand more and more why their usually cold-hearted Brother Bo doted on Mu Huan so much. They also felt that their cold-hearted Brother Bo was worthy of such a cute, adorable, and lively girl.

    Entertainment city...

    "What have you been doing recently?! Two such things happened within a week!" The blonde-haired and blue-eyed female manager flared up at the security manager.

    Just as the security manager was about to say something, his cell phone rang. This cell phone was for emergency calls. If his subordinate had called this cell phone, the matter must be important.

    His emergency phone was prepared by the company. Naturally, the female manager knew about it, so she gestured for him to pick up the call first.

    After the security manager picked up the call, his expression turned increasingly ugly. In the end, it became frighteningly dark.

    After he hung up, the female manager asked, "What's the matter?"

    "The person who was caught today injured our brothers and escaped. The person from three days ago took the opportunity to escape as well."

    "What? Are they all rice buckets? With so many people watching, they actually let such a skinny man escape!" The female manager was about to explode.

    Mu Huan was about 1.6 meters tall and was skinny. She looked weak and frail when she disguised herself as a man. Hence, the female manager was furious. How could such a person injure so many security officers in their company and run away?!

    "We lost the surveillance cameras at the scene." The security manager lowered his head. He did not know how such a thin man could still injure so many of their brothers and escape after being drugged.

    "Investigate! Chase after him!" If this matter got out, they might as well quit this industry!

    "Yes." The security manager immediately accepted the order.

    The next day...

    "Han Chen, you and Little Ye are going to discuss the contract with the Fei Sen Group today. Si Ye, go deal with the branch company's matters. I'll deal with securing the cooperation of the Nura family," Bo Junyan said at the meeting.

    "What's the matter, Brother Bo?" Gong Zeye looked at Bo Junyan. Their original plan was for him to discuss the contract with the Fei Sen Group, for Si Ye to handle the branch company, and for Han Chen to handle the collaboration with the Nura family.

    Why did the arrangement suddenly change?

    Han Chen and Fu Siye looked at Bo Junyan as well. The contract with the Fei Sen Group was the most important. If there was nothing more important, their Brother Bo would not have gone.

    "I can't come back in the afternoon to discuss the contract with the Fei Sen Group."

    "Is there something important at noon, Brother Bo?"


    "What's the matter?" Gong Zeye asked curiously. What was so important that his Brother Bo had to push down the most important contract for this trip?

    Just as the three brothers were thinking that it was an important matter...

    They heard him speak.

    "I want to apply medicine for your sister-in-law this afternoon."

    Gong Zeye: "...!"

    Fu Siye: "...!"

    Han Chen: "..."

    When Brother Bo said that Sister-in-law was allergic to food yesterday, they were all concerned about her. They knew that she had goosebumps on her arms and legs.
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