Chapter 208: A Request from Duchess Zheng (2)

    When Matriarch He heard her explanation, she was stunned. She couldn't have imagined that the problem laid with Old Duke Zheng. Apparently, he was currently bedridden and refusing food and drink.

    Those close to House Zheng knew that Old Duke Zheng was a glutton for food. He had visited most of the top-ranked restaurants in the capital. Ever since he had passed the duke's seat to his heir, Old Duke Zheng would travel far and wide each day to search for gourmet food. He had just returned home two months ago, but for some reason, he had completely lost his appetite. It was almost to the point that he was refusing to eat any food at all.

    When the reason behind her request was revealed, the two Duchesses Zheng looked at Chu Lian with hope in their eyes. Chu Lian was close to being embarrassed to be the focus of those expectant looks.

    Matriarch He hadn't thought that Old Duchess Zheng's request would turn out to be something like that. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry for the moment. She had no choice but to speak truthfully. "Old Sister, I know that you're worried about Old Duke Zheng. I'll just speak honestly with you. Sanlang's wife does know how to make some interestingly new dishes, but we can't promise that we'll be able to solve your problem for you. We can only say that Sanlang's wife will try her best."

    "Aye! Of course! As long as Honoured Lady Jinyi is willing to help out, I'll be endlessly grateful. We have simply run out of ideas. The old man isn't willing to eat anything at all. If this goes on, his body won't be able to hold on..." It was clear in her tone that Old Duchess Zheng was anxious.

    After they had finally gotten Chu Lian's agreement and Matriarch He promised to help out with Old Duchess Zheng's request, they set the visit to the Zheng Estate to be three days later.

    Chu Lian wanted to hide her face in her hands but didn't know whether to start sobbing or laughing her heart out. Old Duke Zheng had passed away about two months later from now in the original story. Had the cause of his death truly been from refusing food after not being able to taste the gourmet food he had wanted?

    When they reached the point where their paths home diverged, Old Duchess Zheng bid her farewells and led her daughter-in-law back to their own carriage.

    Now only Matriarch He and Chu Lian were left in the carriage.

    Matriarch He petted Chu Lian's fair and tender hand gently, "Lian'er, you've done us a great service today. Otherwise, our house would have completely lost its reputation."

    Chu Lian realised that the matriarch liked to call her 'Lian'er' when they were talking in private.

    She smiled, "Grandmother, don't say that. I'm also a part of House Jing'an, I was just doing my part for our House."

    When she heard Chu Lian's answer, Matriarch He was even more gratified. "You silly child. It's been hard for you. It's not all your eldest sister-in-law's fault today, so don't hold a grudge against her. Grandmother knows that it's not easy for her either."

    Chu Lian felt a slight pang of shock. She hadn't expected the matriarch to think that she might hold a grudge. "We're all one big family. What is there to hold a grudge against? Eldest Sister-in-law couldn't have known that she would lose the round cakes like that. We still need Eldest Sister-in-law to manage our household in the future!"

    "Grandmother knows. Your eldest sister-in-law has been treating you too harshly recently. Don't worry, Grandmother will remind her of her duties."

    Chu Lian tried her best to suppress the fright in her heart. She didn't realise that Matriarch He had those sorts of thoughts in her mind. Did she think that Chu Lian had come out to save the day and bring glory to the family just to slap Madam Zou in the face for mistreating her?

    Chu Lian sighed inwardly and felt fatigue coming over her. No wonder the older generations liked to say that communication was the most important. Chu Lian felt that it would be much better for her if she were to clear the misunderstanding with Matriarch He right now, rather than to let it persist and affect her later on.

    She looked up at the matriarch; her almond-shaped eyes shone with intelligence under the dim lighting of the lanterns within the carriage.

    "Grandmother, there's an order of seniority in the family. It was Granddaughter-in-Law's fortune to be able to marry into the He Family. Granddaughter-in-Law doesn't have much ambition or talent, and would just like to live out peaceful days while making some delicious food. If it earns some income, then that's even better. Granddaughter-in-Law is very lazy. After doing all those, Granddaughter-in-Law would rather take a nap in the courtyard or give Grandmother some company. Although Sanlang is from the main line of inheritance, he's the third son after all. There are two older brothers above him, and Granddaughter-in-Law ranks the lowest in this family, of course. When some time passes, maybe we might even have Second Sister-in-Law joining the family!"

    What Chu Lian wanted to say was that she really didn't want to be in control of the household, and she didn't have any intention at all to oust Eldest Brother-in-Law and Eldest Sister-in-law from their places in the family.

    As she watched the young girl before her saying out all those words, Matriarch He's sharp eyes grew ever brighter. In the end, she sighed and patted Chu Lian's hand. "Grandmother has blamed you unjustly."

    Chu Lian finally relaxed inwardly. She had spoken her true thoughts just now. It was better to be a layabout. Who would want to crack their brains thinking about how to support a noble house all day? As well as thinking of how to socialise with the various other noble houses in the capital?

    Chu Lian smiled and shook her head. "I don't blame Grandmother. Our hearts are all hidden in our chests. Even the wisest man wouldn't be able to see into human hearts. Granddaughter-in-Law just hopes that Grandmother can voice out any problems first, rather than keeping it inside. Granddaughter-in-Law will definitely change for the better!"

    Being frank and sincere, as well as opening your heart, was the best way to communicate.

    Chu Lian had no desire to play twisted mind games with others.

    Matriarch He found that she was starting to like this granddaughter-in-law of hers even more, after this honest talk with her in the carriage.

    She reached out to poke Chu Lian in the forehead. "You silly girl! Don't think that Grandmother can't see through your thoughts! You just want to laze at home all day. Although your eldest sister-in-law is around to take care of the family, you can't be too lazy either, since you're the lady-in-charge for your branch of the family. In the future, when all of us seniors aren't around anymore, you and Sanlang will have to separate your branch of the family and live on your own. If you don't know how to do anything at all, how are you going to manage your own house in the future?"

    After Chu Lian had cleared away the doubts in Matriarch He's heart, she started to act cutely like a child towards the matriarch. Matriarch He was the first senior who had treated her well since she had come to the Great Wu Dynasty, so she had already taken this affable old woman to be her real grandmother in her heart.

    She leaned against Matriarch He's side and replied in a playful tone, "But Grandmother will still be around to help Granddaughter-in-Law out~ When Sanlang and I leave the estate to create our own household, Grandmother has to come along too! Otherwise, Granddaughter-in-Law won't be able to manage a household without Grandmother! The servants will make fun of me then!"

    "You little imp! Since you already know that, why are you still trying to think of ways to skive all day?"
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