4 Multi-Purpose Gadge

    As the video got viral the more people came into Kyle's stream it was unbelievable as the more people kept flooding in.

    "Is he the guy who sang it? why can't I see his face?"

    "Show your face!"

    "Show! Show!"

    Many people immediately asking for him, because of the cheap laptop Kyle had he can't fit in the camera and if he is too far away, his singing would be weak, so Kyle adjust the camera and showed his face, he smiled and said "Hello Everyone", and just like that the people who just came blew up.

    "What the... He is too freaking handsome!"

    "He is hawt boii!"

    "Too Handsome! help! I'm getting pregnant!"

    "How can someone be handsome and talented at the same time? is there still equality in this world?!"

    "Do you have a Girlfriend?"

    Everyone was exploding, Kyle was a very handsome guy! Kyle turned back the camera after that, he doesn't want to be known as a handsome guy, but also as a talented singer, he then started strumming the guitar.

    "We were both young when I first saw you


    Little did you know, that I was Romeo, as I was throwing pebbles, heard your father stay away from Juliet


    So I said Julie ill take you somewhere we can be alone, just be patient nothing left to do but run


    Oh its a love story baby just say yes"

    The song that Kyle had just sung is Love story who was sang by Taylor Swift and Kyle just changed the perspective to Romeo, everyone who was watching the stream paused after the song then they exploded again, asking for the title of the song, so Kyle just replied "Love Story" and immediately they searched the music and didn't find anything, Another Original all of them exclaimed!

    And just like the, I See Fire, the Love Story also became viral and was garnering views at a great speed, Kyle felt that his first stream was successful not just successful but a great success! after that they made Kyle sang the I See Fire again and then after that he closed his streaming, he checked all of the gifts he received and he had earned over 20,000 WC, the streaming platform deducted some and gave Kyle his money, in just a single stream he had earned over a thousand WC, the moment Kyle received it.


    Beginner Mission 1: Some fame(Completed)

    Description: The host needs to accumulate some fame in a week, Accumulate 500 fans [Rewards: Level 1 Lottery Ticket]

    Beginner Mission 2: Earn Some Money(Completed)

    Description: Earn some money! You are so poor! You are so poor that you cannot be called a poor but a three! Earn 10,000 WC[Rewards: Level 1 Lottery Ticket]

    When Kyle saw that he completed the missions he excitedly opened the lottery system, there he saw a Roullete and all of the rewards, but the problem was everything was questioned marked, So Kyle had no idea what he would get, but he didn't care, these things are meant to be used! Spin!

    Immediately Kyle spun it and after 5 rounds it finally stopped, and of course, it stopped to a question mark.


    You have received level 2 Speaking Mastery

    "Huh? what the hell is speaking maste..." before Kyle could finish his sentence he found that his English is much better and much more clearer, he then tried to tongue twist and everything was all clear, no stuttering or anything, he also noticed that he could now choose words much faster, like everything coming out of his mouth was natural.

    After that Kyle got excited and immediately spun the roulette again, after 5 rounds it then landed on another question mark.


    You have received Advanced Technology Chip

    [Installing Advanced Technology Chip into the cheap laptop...5%... 25%... 50%... 100%]

    [Advanced Technology Chip has been successfully installed]

    Kyle then noticed his laptop moved and turned into a watch, "eh? where is my laptop?" the moment he said that the watch turned into a laptop, "Cool!" Kyle exclaimed, its a multi-purpose gadget!

    after playing it for a while, Kyle figured it out, it can basically turn into any type of gadgets, from computer to a hologram computer, it was already night when Kyle noticed it was already late, he ate the leftover food he got from the WcClown and started eating, after that he went to sleep.


    In a company, a music can be heard playing in a room, A female who looked like in her thirties was listening to a song that came out today which was Love Story, she loved the song so much as she remembered her youth days.


    On another place, a youth was listening to a song called I See Fire, he found it very good too, it was different from all of the songs he had listened, too bad that the audio was low quality but he still loved it "When are they gonna release the official version?" he was expecting for it


    Kyle woke up in the next morning and did some light work out, his body was strong and he doesn't want to waste it, after doing some light exercise, he then used his Multi-purpose Gadget and turned it into a phone, he then checked his refrigerator and there was still a leftover burger from last night, he then ate while checking the internet and to his surprise, two of of the song he sang yesterday became extremely famous, that even some famous and influential people were asking for the official release.

    He then started to read comments.

    "I really liked this song but the audio is very low quality, I demand an official release! what is the music industry doing?"

    "I listened to it yesterday many times, the song and the singer were good just the audio ruined it."

    "I have heard that the singer was extremely handsome, so I checked his stream and wow, amazing! im speechless!"

    Kyle felt happy and awkward at the same time, he can't do anything about the audio as at that time he was only using a cheap laptop with no microphone, he just relied on the performance of the cheap laptop, as he was streaming he received a mail on his streaming channel, Kyle then clicked on it.
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