9 Flippa TV

    Kyle woke up early in the morning as he was waken up by the sound of the World Star System.

    Mission 2: Release Them Songs!(Completed)

    They Need more! more! Release an album with 5 songs. (Rewards: Level 1 Lottery ticket)

    He felt energetic when he saw the notifcation he received, he was waiting for this! Kyle immediately opened the lottery system, and used the level 1 lottery ticket, the wheel started spinning for 1 times, 3 times, and when it spun for 5 times it was finally slowing down, Kyle had his expectations high as he waited for his rewards.


    "You have received Level 4 Mixed Martial Arts Mastery"

    And with that notification, Kyle was again attacked by the unbearable head ache and he passed out, an hour later, Kyle woke up and the head ache was already gone, he was really sure now that those head aches would kill him someday, it was just really unbearable and it hurts so much, it was like someone was poking holes into his head, it seems like the higher the level he got, the higher the pain also, Kyle shivered as he thought about the high level ones.

    Kyle stood up from his bed and started doing light exercise, and for some reason he felt really light and his muscles were much more flexible than before, he tried moving around and there was nothing uncomfortable anymore, due to him having a new body, he felt some uncomfortable parts but now he found nothing, it was like his original body was back.

    Kyle sighed in relief, he knew it was the help of the level 4 martial arts mastery, and he was thankful for it, without the help of it, he was sure that it would take him few months to get used to the body, Kyle then started to prepare his food, today he had to do some Music Video, he doesn't have much knowledge about it, but he had seen many Music Video, as it was popular in his past life, After eating Kyle started his preparations.

    First was to make the screenplay, Kyle used his Multi-purpose Gadget, he changed it to a laptop and started writing the screenplay, it was just a simple ones, such as playing guitars or instruments and some acting if possible, it was Kyle's first time and it took him 2 days to finish writing the screen play as he revised it many times.

    Kyle then rested the next day, and then continued his work again after that, it took him another 2 days to finish the second, while he was working Kyle was curious on how much did he get from the album, he didn't have to worry about the tax as the system had took care of that, and in 6 days, Kyle had earned over 200 million from the songs, he was now rich, he then became curious on the ranking, did he reach the top 200 international songs.

    Kyle then visited the site and started to look around and as expected, his songs entered the top 200, he didn't reach the top 100 yet, but his songs were on thr 150th rankings, it only have been 5 days, and he already became famous, and then these songs would be boosted if he releases the Music Video, there was one thing that Kyle had found strange in this parallel world and that is the Offical Music Video's dont exist.

    This was an advantage for Kyle, a huge advantage! just as he was thinking about things, his Multi-purpose gadget suddenly changed into a phone and someone was calling him, it was from an unknown number, Kyle answered the call as he was curious who was it.

    "Hello? Is this the number of Sir, Kyle Leon?" Kyle heard a voice from the other side.

    "Yes, may i ask who is this?" Kyle asked.

    "Nice to meet you Sir Kyle Leon, My name is Jack Persi from the Flippa TV " Jack introduced himself.

    "What would mister Jack need me for?" Kyle asked, as he started to look for information about Flippa TV, after a while he found what he was looking for, Flippa TV, oe of the most popular TV Channel in this parallel world.

    "Sir Leon, I would like to ask if you would like, no, we would like to invite you to be a celebrity guest for the Morning Talk Show?" Jack went straight to the point.

    Kyle then searched for the morning talk show and found that it was the same as The Late Show with stephen colbert from earth, Kyle pondered for a while and thought that it was a goodway to boost his fame, "I accept the invitation" Kyle replied.

    "Thats Great! the recording would start 2 days later, we would send someone to pick you up tommorow." Jack said happily.

    "Okay, just send someone to this address and I would meet them there tommorow" Kyle replied,

    After exchanging some words, they finished talking to each other, Kyle then continued revising the screenplay, it was already night when he finished it, he then started preparing for tommorow.


    The next day, Kyle woke up early in the morning and ate his breakfast, he then made his way to the shop nearby, it was the place where Kyle said he would meet up with the people who would pick him up, when he arrived there was already two people waiting for him both of them were females.

    "Hello, are you the people from Flippa TV?" Kyle asked.

    "Are you Mister Leon?" asked one of the girls.

    "Yes, Nice to meet you" Kyle reached out his hands and shook hands with both of them.

    After that, Kyle entered the car they had, the Flippa TV station was not that far, it was only 3 hours away from Kyle's apartment, Kyle checked in to a nearby hotel and placed his things and went to rest, he woke up the next morning and ate in a nearby restaurant, he then made his way to the Flippa TV, Kyle was guided by the girls until he met Jack, he had white hair, and he looks like he was in his 30's.

    "Welcome Mister Leon!" Jack greeted him.

    "Thank you for having me, Mister Jack" Kyle politely greeted back

    "Now lets go, ill show you the studio!" Jack said

    "Okay" Kyle followed.
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