14 Dont be Lazy

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    Today, Kyle called a week rest for everyone, and Kyle cherished it greatly, he is not a workaholic, Kyle used his Multi-Purpose gadget and turned it to a phone, he then checked the Music Video views, and as expected, it already have reached 50 million, Kyle was of course happy, just then the thing he was waiting for came.


    Mission 1: Music Videos(Completed)

    Every Music needs a Music Video, All Songs must have a Music Video(Rewards: Level 1 Music Mastery)

    And yes, this was the moment he knew, he f*cked up, headache assaulted Kyle as he was relaxed today, he forgot about the headache, after 5 minutes, the headache was gone, and Kyle was panting on the bed, he woke up and prepared his breakfast, he then took a sit, in just 1 minute, he felt bored, there was nothing to do, he then used the phone(MPG) and decided to read some novels online.

    he then found a site called Enovel, he then started looking for the most popular ones, and to his surprise, the popular novels he knew were also not here, something like harry potter and other famous books, he found none, Kyle also searched it in a search engine but no results were found, Kyle then found this as a chance, right now he was looking for a way to promote the crew, and this could be a good chance for the screenwriters, writing script and novel was almost the same, so its a good chance for them.

    Kyle then went to his phone contacts then searched for the screen writer, the crew had 2 screenwriters, Kyle contacted them and told them that they would start writing novel, the first one he called is Shana.

    She wore glasses and she had short brown hair, slightly plump girl but that adds to her beauty, just what the others said, 'chubby is the new sexy', "Hello Sir Leon" she greeted Kyle, he had already told them to call him Leon or Kyle, still they insisted to say Sir or your majesty, he denied the last one of course,.

    "I have a job for you" Kyle immediately went into the point as he they have many things to talk.

    Shana didn't speak but she listened attentively, "I would like you to start writing a novel to promote yourself and garner some fame" Kyle explained.

    Shana nodded but then she asked "Why a novel?"

    "We would start slow, just think of this as taking one step at a time" Kyle said slowly.

    "Okay, what novel would I write?" she asked.

    "You choose, The Hobbit, The Dream of the Red Chamber, and Harry Potter" Kyle made her choose, she came from the crew pack so she knew these great novels.

    Shana pondered for a while before choosing Harry Potter, after that they about some details then she went back, after she left, Kyle called the other Screenwriter, her name was Lin, an Asian, she had long black hair and black eyes, she had a white snow skin and a slim body, many man would drool in front of her, Kyle even knew that Sky had a thing for her, but thats for another time, just like Shana, Kyle made lin choose what Novel she would like to write, Shana had already chosen Harry Potter so Kyle added another one, The Hunger Games, and with even thinking, Lin chose it.

    After talking for a little while Lin left, Kyle had finished his plans just as he was about to rest again, he was disturbed by the system.


    [New Mission!]

    Mission 2: Don't be Lazy!

    In order for the host not to be lazy, he is tasked to make a novel, Write one novel.

    Kyle's heart sunk when he read the notification he received, no rest days? Kyle cried inside but he still did what he was tasked, he then searched for a good novel, he was considering what novel would he write, Romance? Sci-Fi? Horror? Action? Fantasy? he had many choices, except for the other two had been taken, Kyle still have many novels to choose, he thought about romance, but rejected it.

    There are many Romance novel he knew from earth but he thinks it lacks impacts as he will release it the same time as the other two screenwriters, action was a no too, Sci-Fi was a good one, Fantasy? there was harry potter, Fictional? hunger games is there, after thinking for a while Kyle was left with Sci-Fi and Horror, he thought for a while, and just decided with going with the Horror, now what horror novel? the exorcist? Dracula? Ghost Blows out the light? Kyle was racking his brain, after a while he decided to postpone it for a while.

    He took out his phone(MPG) then called Arthur, on the other side of the phone, Arthur was was watching some movie in his TV in a serious expression, some disgust can be seen on his face, just then his phone rang, he paused the movie then picked up his phone, and answered it "Yes, Sir Leon?".

    "What are you doing right now?" asked Kyle.

    "I'm watching some tra.. gar... some m-movies" Arthur said with pain.

    "Okay, I understand, tommorow, you would do a short film, You're gonna join the Short Film Festival for the next month, you are in total control, from the script to others, you can choose your own actors, also let Sky join" Kyle explained

    Arthur pondered for a while and thought, it was a good way to promote him and make his name known, it looks like their boss have brains even when he cheats, he thought, "Okay" Arthur replied, after some small talk, Kyle hang up, meanwhile, Arthur looked at the TV with disgust and turned it off, he then walked into the bathroom and puking sounds can be heard.

    Now back at Kyle, he went to his bed and took a nap.


    It was lunch time when Kyle woke up, he then started cooking his lunch, just then he thought of what book he would write, "It" the killer clown, after eating Kyle changed his MPG into laptop and started writing, his wpm was fast, about 110 wpm, It is an interdimensional being of pure malevolence and alien mindset that seems so much simpler on the surface. An evil clown that kills kids? That could at least be dealt with in ways accessible to adults. Fighting the actual evil of It is a much trickier proposition, one that depends upon a perfect blend of mysticism and childhood faith necessary to overcome It's greatest weapons: fear and entropy, and the ability to make an entire town forget about the atrocities it commits and allows. The ending of It is occasionally cited as its weak point, but it's a big, fat novel that is far more about a journey, both in the '50s and '80s, and the horrifying visions suffered along the way.

    Kyle spent his whole day writing and revising the novel.
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