26 Family Time

    Mistakes are not intentional and English is not my 1st language so my grammar is not good, Thank you for the support \u003c3


    Creating the Music Video with Jhanna was simple, they just had to use the studio and some green screen, and Kyle must admit, she has good acting skills.

    "Have you done some acting before?" Kyle asked Jhanna as they were resting.

    "I was once part of the drama club in my high school," Jhanna said as she blushed

    Jhanna, Kyle and the Crew finished making the Music Video in two days after that Kyle was able to rest, he spent some time with Grandma May as she was the only family he had, after a day of spending time together, the next day, Kyle went back to SilverBird.

    Kyle and the crew were now on a room, "So... What movie should we do?" Kyle asked.

    "Star Wars!" proposed Ken who was one of the cameramen.

    "That takes too much money, so a no" Arthur who was in charge immediately rejected

    "How about Harry Potter?" Lin proposed.

    "Not yet" Arthur rejected again.

    "Life of Pi?" Shana proposed

    "That's good anything else?" Arthur asked.

    "Sherlock Holmes?" William proposed.

    "No," Arthur replied.

    "Bar..." Kyle was about to speak when he was cut off by Arthur

    "Okay we will go with Life of Pi, Lin and Shana start writing the script, William start looking for actors, now go! we have 6 months to do this movie!" Arthur said and immediately everyone dispersed and Kyle was left alone in the meeting room, then he just continued the missing piece of his proposal in a low voice "...ney"

    Kyle stood up from his seat and took out his phone(MPG) then started to called someone "Sky! Do you wanna come?"

    "Where?" Sky asked who was on the other side of the phone.

    "Jayfan, I'm going tonight,"Kyle said happily

    "YES!" Sky answered excitedly

    "Good! get three tickets and pack your bags, meet me up at my apartment!" Kyle said

    "Why three?" asked Sky.

    "I'm going to bring Grandma May, it's been a while since she left the apartment," Kyle said

    "Okay, see you later!" Sky said then he hung up the call

    Kyle then told he was going out to William, then took his car and went back to his apartment, many may be wondering why Kyle hasn't left the apartment even though he was rich, the answer was simple, Grandma May was Kyle only family member he knew, so he is taking good care of her, 10 minutes later, Kyle reached his apartment, he immediately made his way to Grandma May's room.

    *Knock Knock* Kyle knocked on the door.

    "Who is it?" the door then opened, Kyle saw Grandma May and smiled.

    "Grandma May, Do you want to go on a trip?" Kyle asked.

    "Oh it was you son! what trip? are we going somewhere?" Grandma May was surprised by the sudden invitation.

    "Yes!' Kyle replied like an excited kid, Grandma May smiled when she saw him smile like that, she still remembers when he was young, he was very carefree, now that she looks at him again, he really became a full-grown man.

    "Okay, where are we going?" Grandma May asked.

    "Jayfan!" Kyle said.

    "Ohh! okay, I'm going to pack my clothes too, how long are we going to stay?" Grandma May asked again.

    "3 days" Kyle replied

    "Okay, you too pack your things or do you want me to pack yours" Grandma May teasingly said.

    "I can do it myself Grandma, take your time," Kyle said with a smile

    "Ok! You really have grown" Grandma May as he patted his head, but right now she still treated Kyle like a kid, Kyle still loved it though, he remembers his mother, after talking for a few more minutes, Kyle left and packed his items.

    While Kyle was packing his bag, his phone rang, someone was calling, Kyle checked the caller and it was Arthur, Kyle then answered the call.

    "What? You missed me already?" Kyle jokingly asked.

    "Shut up! Do you want a role for the movie?" Arthur immediately asked.

    "I'll take the tiger" Kyle said.

    "Okay, ill get your costume" Arthur seriously said, Kyle panicked and immediately stopped him.

    "What role is fitted for me?" Kyle asked.

    "None actually" Arthur replied.


    After talking for a while Kyle didn't take anything and just became the producer, he then continued packing his things.


    Nighttime, Kyle and Grandma May met up with Sky, and then they boarded the plane, in the plane Grandma May talked with Sky, he was pretty good at talking with Grandma May, mostly she asked about their work and somethings, about two hours later, they both fell asleep, Kyle also fell asleep after that, after 10 hours they reached Jayfan.

    They immediately checked in to a hotel and rested, it was already lunchtime when they woke up, Grandma May was very excited, Sky was also excited, Kyle searched for popular areas, such as food shops, tourist areas, and stuff, of course, not the exhausting ones, Grandma May is with them so they can't do everything.

    The gang then first visited the Mount fridge, Kyle rented a car, and he also took a professional camera which they took many pictures of, even though Grandma May was about 60 years old, she was very active and she really liked the scenery.

    They then went to Fridgenomiya 5th station, after that, they went to many stalls and ate some foods, afternoon they went back to the hotel, Grandma May was still energetic and wanted to tour around so she pulled Sky to go around, meanwhile, Kyle went somewhere and started looking for those artists.

    He started visiting many well-known artists, after looking for a while, Kyle found his first target, In a certain company, in today's world 'arts' it had been declining lately, there was no improvement at all, there are still some groups who remained true doing their work, there was a certain group that caught Kyle's attention, it was a group of young Japanese art students who were searching for new art.

    The group name was 'Reizōko'
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