3 1. Karol

    In the town of Catorn, the sky was shining brightly and the people of the town were radiating an aura of joy and happiness as they were preparing for the upcoming festival. A young boy with a tense look can be seen running towards the north side of the town through the crowd of the people.

    Suddenly the boy bumped into a man and both of them falls down to the ground. "Hey! watch where are you walking." The man shouted in an angry voice. The boy looked towards the man with a hurried look, his red eyes out of focus and with an unruly brown hair. "I am sorry but I am in a real hurry." The boy said abruptly and started to run once again. "Hey! You shouldn't treat..." Before the man could finish his sentence, the boy had already run past him.

    "Shit, I got to get there faster." The boy mumbled while breathing roughly. "Can't it just **ing end." The boy shouted loudly looking at the sky.  All the people surrounding him looked at him with a strange expression but the boy keeps running ignoring every one of them.

    A few hours ago.

    The birds were chirping loudly as the sun was rising up. The sunlight gleam through a window of a house falling on the face of a young boy who was sleeping soundly. "Karol, wake up." A voice of a woman was heard from the back of the house. "Few more minutes, Mom," Karol replied and fall asleep once again. "Have you forgotten about today's event?" His mother replied in a stern tone. "What event?" Karol asked in a sleepy voice.

    "Today is the awakening ceremony." His mother replied angrily. "Oh! Shit." Karol shouted and wakes up abruptly. He quickly jumps out from the started to clean his bed hurriedly. Just as Karol finish cleaning his bed and tried to walk out of the room, he fell down on the ground by tripping on something. "What was that noise?" His mother asked hearing the noise. "It was nothing mom," Karol replied and looks towards the object he tripped. He found that he tripped on his books, looking at the books he just sighed and pick himself and his books that were scattered around his rooms. "That's all done and now let's go." Karol sighed looking at dozens of books on his table and then walked out of his room.

    Exiting the room, Karol walks at the back of his house towards his kitchen. "Have you brushed your teeth." His mother was facing opposite of him as she was preparing breakfast. "I was just going to do that," Karol replied and backed off from the kitchen and entered the room next to the kitchen. Entering the bathroom, he picked his wooden brush and apply the herbal mix on it and started to brush his teeth. "Today, I am finally going to become an absorber." Karol thought excitedly while looking in the mirror. After washing his face, he exited the room and entered the kitchen.

    "And here I was thinking, you were not interested to become an absorber." His mother having same hair brown hair colour but with blue eyes said looking at him while sitting on the dinner table with two plates in front of her. "Mom!" Karol said angrily. "I was just kidding." His mother said laughing. Hearing that Karol just laughed and sat down on the chair to eat the food. "You stayed up late, again didn't you?" His mother asked looking at him sharply. Karol froze on his place hearing that, "What are talking about mom?" Karol asked laughing with an innocent face.

    "Well, the sounds of your books weren't as silent as you thought." His mother said with a sharp voice. "Shit, I got to be more silent from now on." Karol thought with a calm face. "I asked you something, Young man." His mother asked with a fit of anger in his voice. "I am sorry mom and I will not it again from now on," Karol said with a quiet tone. "Karol, I am not angry about you reading the books but I am worried about your health as you are not sleeping properly." His mother said in a worried voice. "Ok mom, I promise to never stay up late from now on in this house but always be a happy mom," Karol said bowing.

    "I am happy as long as you stay healthy but enough about these things, let's eat breakfast." His mother said laughing. "Thanks for the food," Karol said and started to eat breakfast. "It is t-t-tasty, mom," Karol said as the food was still in his mouth. "Eat what's in your mouth first." His mother said laughing. Karol just nodded his head and ate the breakfast quietly.

    "Sorry, Karol but I won't be able to come with you to the ceremony." His mother said after both of them finish their breakfast. "Huh! But why?" Karol asked with a surprised face. "I got some important things to do as today is your special day." His mother said laughing. "But..." Karol looked sad as his mother is not going to be present on one of his most special time. "Don't be sad as I will have something special for you after the ceremony." His mother said patting his head. Karol just nodded his head with a smile.

    "I am going to change my clothes now," Karol said laughing. "Okay, kiddo." His mother replied and picked up his dishes. "I am going to get one of the best level bloodline." Karol thought as he was walking towards his room. After a while, Karol walked out of his room with changed clothes. "I should be going now, Mom," Karol said exiting the house. "All the best for your ceremony and be happy at whatever level you get." His mother said seeing him out. "Don't worry mom, I am going to get the best level," Karol said excitedly while running towards the centre of the town. "If you were also here to see our son today on his special day." She thought with a sad face. Suddenly she shakes her head and said, "It's not time to be sad." And walked inside of the house.
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