4 2. Ellie

    "Ah, am I forgetting something." Karol thought while he was running towards the street. "Oh s**t, I almost forgot about Ellie, I got to get there fast, or she will kill me." Karol thought and turned around to run in a different direction.

    After a while, Karol reached in front of a two-storey house made out of wood. "Ellie, come out," Karol shouted. Suddenly the door opened, and a cute girl comes out of the house.

    The girl was almost the same age as Karol having azure colour hair with deep sapphire coloured eyes. The girl was Ellie and also Karol's girlfriend.

    "I still can't believe she is my girlfriend." Karol thought with a smile.

    Two years ago.

    Karol was walking around the Lake at North of the town when he suddenly heard a splash in the Lake. "Help me." A shout was heard from the source of the splash and looking towards it Karol saw someone drowning in the Lake.

    Without a second thought, Karol jumped into the Lake and started to swim towards the drowning person. After reaching there, he grabbed hold the person and began to swim towards the shore of the Lake.

    After a while, he reached the ground and lay down the person on the ground to find the person to be a girl the same as him. He then started to push her chest to remove the water stuck in her chest. *Cough* *Cough* "Huh, I am alive?" The girl waked up and thought loudly.

    Looking around, she saw a boy sitting next to her, holding her chest. She then backed away from him and shouted, "Who are you and why are you grabbing my chest?". Karol was surprised by her behaviour but realized why she was like that and told her what happened.

    Hearing all of that, the girl suddenly bows and said, "Thanks for saving my life." Karol shakes his and said, "Ah! You don't need to do that." "But.." The girl said as she was still grateful. "It's okay but say what is your name?" Karol asked to change the topic. "It's Ellie." The girl replied, and that's how he met her.

    After that they become friends, and one year later, he confessed to her, and surprisingly she accepted his confession, and from then on, she is his girlfriend.

    "Karol, what are you thinking?" Ellie asked as he was standing there without saying anything. "Ah! It's nothing." Karol said as he snapped out of his thought. "Okay, then let's go," Ellie said with an excited face. "Huh! Isn't your father is coming." Karol asked with a confused look.

    Hearing about her father, Ellie make a strange face for a second but regained her rational expression and said, "Ah, he is busy in work but will come after the test." Karol didn't saw the change of emotion in Ellie. "Oh! Okay then, let's go." Karol said, nodding his head.

    After the conversation, they started walking towards the town hall. While walking on the streets, Karol saw many street vendors preparing for the festival that was going to happen today. He even saw some selling artefacts and battle technique.

    "Once I will get stronger even I would be able to sell those to make a huge amount of money." Karol thought with a shrewd smile. "Hey, Karol come with me." Ellie suddenly said and pulled him towards an older woman selling some jewellery for woman. "Can I see it," Ellie asked, pointing towards a necklace.

    "Sure Milady, I am sure you will look beautiful in it." The old Lady said, giving the necklace to Ellie. Ellie then wears the chain and turns towards Karol and said, "How do I look?".

    "You are looking cute," Karol replied with a smile. "Then how much for these?" Ellie was happy hearing his compliment and asked the price of the necklace with an excited face. "It cost 12 copper, but for a cute girl like you, I will sell it for ten copper." The old Lady said with a smile.

    The currency of this kingdom is divided into three types of mineral coins that are copper, silver and gold, with 100 copper being equivalent to 1 silver and 100 silver being equal to 1 gold.

    Hearing the price, Karol was surprised and walked towards the Lady and said, "Mrs You are looking beautiful today." Hearing the sudden compliment, the Lady was startled but still replied, "Thank you, young man, but why a sudden compliment?"

    "I am just stating the truth, but can you give one more necklace," Karol said with a confident smile. "Sure, they will be 20 copper." The woman replied with a smile. "Ah, Mrs Can you give me a tiny bit of discount," Karol said with a smile.

    "Sure, young man and for you, I will sell it for 15 copper." The Lady replied with a smile. "Thank you very much, and your heart is as beautiful as you," Karol said and give the money to buy the necklace. "Ah! Thank you, young man, and here take this ring from me as a gift." The Lady said, happy by his compliment.

    "Ah! Thank you, and I should be going now." Karol said and left with Ellie. "Hope to see you again, young man." The woman said with a smile. "Even though I have seen it much time but I am still amazed by your bargaining skills." Ellie suddenly spoke with an excited face.

    Hearing that Karol laughed and said, "It's just something you get when you like money." "You really just love money, huh?" Ellie said, shaking her head. "Yeah, I love money," Karol said, laughing. "I really can't understand you in that," Ellie said and hearing that Karol just laughed and continued in their path.

    After a while, They were in front of a large building made out of stone and wood acting as the pillar. The building was the town hall where the bloodline testing was going to happen.

    Entering the town hall, they saw many of their peers sitting on the floor talking to each other with a stage in front of them having a podium on it.
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