5 3. The Star

    "Ladies First," Karol said with a smile. "Sure," Ellie replied and entered the town hall, Karol following behind her. "But, where is he?" Ellie asked looking towards Karol. "Well, I have the same ques- Ah! There he is." Karol said pointing towards a black-haired boy sitting in the front row. Then they started walking towards that boy.

    "Hey there Robert, we are finally here," Karol said after arriving in front of that Robert.  Robert was looking at an emblem in his hand with a mighty eagle carved on it when he was interrupted by a voice and looks towards the source to find it to be Karol. "Oh, you are finally here. Well, I have already secured seats for you guys." Robert said grinning while pointing towards two empty chairs next to him.

    "Oh, and I was thinking that you had already forgotten about me," Karol said sat next to Robert while Ellie sat next to him. "What can I say, certain someone was still sleeping when I had gone to picked him up," Robert replied smiling. "Oh, right it's not like you could have tried to certain someone up," Karol said laughing. "Well I Tried but that certain someone still didn't wake up so I left him be," Robert replied laughing even harder. "You are right, I would have done the same," Karol replied laughing even harder and garnering the attention of their peers towards him. "Right." Robert laughed even harder. Both of them keep trying to laugh harder than the other. *Cough* *Cough* Both of them suddenly started to cough while other kids started to laugh due to them.

    Ellie just gives both of them water with a red face. "Are you kids or what?" Ellie asked looking at both of them. Both of them could only sit there with red faces as all the kids were laughing at them. "Silence." A rough voice was suddenly heard from the stage. The people in the hall all got silent and all eyes were toward a bearded but muscular man probably in his 40s carrying a huge bone sword behind his back. The man was the mayor of the town and his name was Angus Fowler. Angus then walked towards the podium and looked towards all the 14 years old and took a deep breath and said, "I am glad that all of you showed yourself...".

    "Hey, where are uncle and aunty?" Karol whispered to Robert while Angus speech was still going on. "Well they had some worked left to be finished so they couldn't come with me," Robert replied grinning. Hearing that Karol smiled and said, "You are thinking what I am thinking." "Yup totally and I am up for it but what about Ellie," Robert asked looking at Ellie. "Sure, I am up for having some fun in the festival as my d-dad is also busy in some work," Ellie replied calmly while still looking towards the stage. "That's great." Both Karol and Robert said loudly at the same time. "You shouldn't shout right now as the mayor speech is still going on," Ellie whispered to bot of them as Angus almost heard both of them.

    "Okay we talk quietly now Robert," Karol whispered. "Yup totally quiet,�� Robert whispered back. "You two stop talking with each other," Angus shouted looking towards both of them. "You idiots," Ellie mumbled. "Yes Sir." Both of them replied saluting. "Okay as I was saying, I am happy for all of you kids as you are finally going to be entering the world of absorbers and today I Mayor of this town also known as Angus Fowler present here as the representative of absorbers for you kid would like to welcome you all in the world of magic, might, strength, fantasies, dream and most commonly known as the world of absorbers." Hearing that everyone started clapping. Hearing the last part of the speech Karol just laughed instead of clapping while Robert looks at the Emblem in his hand with determination and Ellie just looked straight ahead with a calm face. Then suddenly bright light flashed from Angus's hand and after the light diminished, present there was a transparent sphere on the podium.

    "Now let's start the bloodline testing so you can enter the world of absorbers," Angus said in a dignified manner. Every kid looked at translucent eyes with excited eyes, waiting to know what stored in there for the future of their life "Okay I will announce your name one by one and at your call come to the podium so first, Robert, come ahead," Angus said after his speech was over. Hearing that Robert nodded his head. "All the best," Karol said with a smile. "Thanks," Robert said and walked towards the Mayor.

    "Here prick your finger with this," Angus said, giving Robert a needle. Taking the needle, Robert pricked his finger. "Put your finger on that sphere," Angus said. Robert then put his bloodied finger on the spherical object, and the spherical object started glowing.

    After the glow disappeared, there was seven red light inside the sphere. "Oh! You got a level 7 bloodline." Angus said with a surprised face. "Thank you," Robert said with a smile and started to walk towards Karol and Ellie with a huge grin.

    "You got pretty lucky. Congratulations on becoming an absorber." Karol said with a smile as level 7 bloodline is above average level. "Hehe, just you wait how I will surpass you," Robert said, laughing. "We will see," Karol replied with a smile. "You guys don't start to fight once again," Ellie said with a desperate face. "Ah, don't worry about that." Both of them said at the same time, and they started laughing.

    "Ellie come ahead," Angus said after few more test happened, but not a single one was able to surpass Robert level. "All the best." Karol cheered her with a smile. "Thanks," Ellie replied and started to walk towards the Angus nervously.

    "Don't worry kid and just take a deep breath," Angus said as he realised Ellie was still nervous. Ellie then nodded and took a deep breath to calm her nerves. "Here take this," Angus said, giving her the needle. Ellie took the needle and pricked her finger with it. Then she put her bloodied finger on the spherical object, and just as she put her finger on the object, it started to glow with light more luminous then Robert.
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