6 4. Awakening

    Just as the glow in sphere disappeared, there was nine red light glowing on it. Everyone was surprised in the town hall by Ellie's bloodline level. "Go, tell them." Angus suddenly shouted, looking towards the back of the stage. "Yes, sir." A man suddenly appeared in a full black suit with an emblem on his chest with a large tree carved on it replied and ran out of the town hall. Suddenly the ring on Angus's finger glow and a chair appeared on his hand. He put the chair and looked towards Ellie with respect and said, "Why don't you sit down, miss."

    Everyone was surprised by the sudden change in Angus's behaviour towards Ellie and also the sudden appearance of the man out of nowhere. Ellie was surprised but still nodded her head and sit down on the chair. "Everyone let's continue the test," Angus said to grab everyone attention. Karol was looking at Ellie, but Ellie didn't even glance at him. "Don't worry, she is probably surprised by the events," Robert said to Karol. "You are right," Karol replied. "But she got some great luck as she got level 9 bloodline," Robert said, laughing. "You are right," Karol said with a smile as he was happy for her.

    A few minutes later.

    Only four people remained in the town hall that was Karol who have his test still not happened, Robert who was waiting for Karol and Ellie, Angus who was taking the test and lastly Ellie who was still sitting on the chair thinking about something. "Karol," Angus said. "You turn finally came and here I was thinking you were not even on the list," Robert said laughing. "Well even I didn't expect that my turn will be that late, anyway I should be going now," Karol replied laughing and started to walk towards Angus while Ellie who didn't even look at him and was lost in her own world making some strange expression.

    "Here, prick your finger with this," Angus said, giving him a needle. Nodding his head, Karol took the needle and pricked his finger with this, but strangely he didn't feel any pain at all. "Huh! Why am I not feeling any pain?" Karol asked with a confused face. "It's because of that needle," Angus replied. "Huh! What do you mean by that?" Karol asked inspecting the needle. "Well it's a special artefact but enough about this, you should continue the testing." The Angus said. "Ah! Okay, sir." Karol said and give back the needle and then put his bloodied finger on the spherical object.

    Just as he put his blood falls on that sphere, a strange red light started glowing from it. Karol felt a surreal but calming sensation in his body. Suddenly, an organ opened near his brain, and a layer of the membrane around his body was awakened throughout his body that was dormant till now. The organ that opened was the mana absorbing organ that a human has since his birth but is dormant and is awakened by the help of the testing. The membrane is mana membrane that also was dormant till the testing. The mana membrane is used for the flow of mana inside the body to strengthen it or use skills or spells.

    Karol was thrilled that he finally becomes an Absorber. He also started to felt the mana around the surrounding but not accurately and even the mana inside his body that wasn't much. Karol realized he was still unranked and he needed to strengthen himself to the limit to get to the next rank. Karol was still unranked, so he didn't feel any sudden strength gain or anything. "Yes, I have finally in the realm of the absorber and just a little strengthening, and I will be a mortal rank." Karol thought happily.

    But suddenly his happy expression turned into a sad one as he looked towards the sphere to find his rank to be only level-2. Suddenly, he felt someone hand on his shoulder and turning around he saw Angus looking at him with sad eyes and said, "It's okay, and I am sure you will be able to overcome your low level." Even though he said that he knows that it's possible to become strong with that level but it will be very tough.

    "Thanks and I will be alright," Karol said and started to walk towards Robert. While walking, Karol suddenly put his hand his chest and while smiling said, "I am sure, I will be able to do something." "Hey, I am sure you will be able to do something," Robert said with a smile. "Yeah, you are right," Karol replied with a smile. Suddenly the gate of the town hall was opened, and a boy older looking than Karol entered the area. The boy had a handsome face with green eyes and hair, and his clothes were also made out of expensive-looking material with an emblem on his chest carved a big tree on it.

    "Where is level 9 one is?" The boy asked, looking at Angus. Angus suddenly bows in front of him and point towards Ellie. "You can go then." The boy said, looking at the Angus. "Okay, sir." The Angus said with respect and exited the town hall. The boy then started to walk towards Ellie. After reaching in front of Ellie, he bowed and took her hand to kiss on it. "I, William Woods, would like to congratulate you for your successful bloodline test," William said with a huge smile. "Who are you?" Ellie asked with a confused face. "Well, I, William Wood son of Earl Wood is very grateful to be in your presence." He said proudly. "Earl?" Ellie asked as he heard this term for the first time.

    "Oh, right you wouldn't have heard about nobles, right?" William asked and to that Ellie just shakes her. "Well, in the Empire of Bourgnear the people are recognized by two things one is their strength and other is their Nobel rank," William said with a smile. "What are these Nobel ranks?" Ellie asked. "Well, the noble rank is divided into ten parts that are Peasant which are you, then Knights, Baronet, Baron, Viscount like that Angus, Earl like me, Marquis, Duke, and lastly the royal family," William said. "I understand But why are you here," Ellie asked with a confused face. "Well, I wanted you to come to our family and marry me," William said with a smile.
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