7 5. Hur

    Karol was looking at William and Ellie with curious eyes and even though he proposed to his girlfriend he didn't even move from his place. "Let's see what she chooses." Karol thought. As Ellie heard William proposal, she looked at Karol having a weak background and an uncertain but also a weak future, then at William having a powerful background and uncertain but a powerful future and it wasn't tough to choose whom.

    "If I remain with Karol, there is no great future for me, and if I choose him, then my future will be great, and I will also be able to kill that man." Ellie suddenly gets angry thinking about that man. Ellie suddenly sighed and calmed her expression. William suddenly got nervous thinking she will reject him but tried to maintain his confident demeanour. "Can I ask you something?" Ellie asked with a blank face. "Ask me anything you want," William replied with a smile.

    "If I accept your proposal, then can I be able to defeat an expert rank absorber," Ellie asked looking straight into William's Eyes. "Well, you can easily defeat an absorber of that rank, heck if you accept my proposal then you can get absorbers at rank as your slaves," William said with enthusiasm as he couldn't lose a talent of this level. "Okay then I will accept your proposal," Ellie replied with an excited face. "Now I will finally be able to torture that man." Ellie thought with loathing in her eyes.

    Hearing her reply William laughed happily but Robert looked at Ellie with an angry face and then looked towards Karol and he was surprised as Karol was just standing there smirking with a calm face. Then William holds Ellie's hand and started to walk towards the exit. Just as they walked past Karol, he turned around and said, "Hey, Ellie can I ask you something." Karol asked with a calm expression. "Sure, why not?" Ellie turned around and replied with a smile. Hearing that both William and Robert looked at them with curious eyes.

    "Why did become my girlfriend anyway as I know you didn't love me," Karol asked with a blank face. "Well it was simple as boys of this town kept bothering me and among them, you were the easiest to fool and so I became your girlfriend and also I never loved you but instead hated you." Ellie replied with a sinister smile as she wanted to see his broken face but was surprised while Robert was stunned as Karol just grinned and said, "Okay then you can go now." "You..." Before Ellie can finish her sentence, William grabbed her hand and said, "Let's go as shouldn't waste your time in a place like this."

    Hearing that Ellie just nodded her head while Karol just smiles. Looking at his expression Ellie got angry but didn't say anything and started to walk with William. "I can believe you wasted your time with a piece of trash like him and I am sure even his parents are some piece of..." Before William could finish his sentence, he was sent flying away from his position as he was punched by Karol on his face. "Don't say a **ing word about my family." Just as Karol finished his sentence, he was sent flying as William punched on his stomach as smashed on the podium.

    "You **ing dare to punched my precious face now I am going to kill you off," William said then swiped down his arm as the green light came from his arm. Suddenly Vines appear below Karol and Robert, trapping both of them to the ground. Then William walked towards now struggling Karol and put a dagger above on his neck and said, "You shouldn't have punched my precious face now I am going to cut you into pieces and feed you to my pets." William said with a devious smile as Karol struggled to remove from the vines.

    "Wait!" Ellie shouted as William was about to killed Karol. "What?" William asked with a cold face as he stopped the dagger to stab Karol's neck. "I have a way to make him suffer each moment of his life till he is alive," Ellie said with a sinister smile. "Oh, what is that?" William asked with a curious face. "You should cripple her mother as he will keep suffering looking at her condition." Hearing that William looked at her with a confused face while Karol looked at her with bloodshot eyes. "But isn't it better to cripple him or kill his mother," William asked pointing towards Karol. "Well it is not as he will kill himself if you cripple him and he will only suffer for a few months if you kill his mother," Ellie replied with a calm smile.

    "But what will be different if I cripple his mother," William asked as he was getting little annoyed. "Well, you can already tell by your left cheek that he absolutely loves his mother and if you cripple her he will keep suffering every moment in his life as he will not be able to heal her as he is poor and secondly he has a very low talent," Ellie replied with a sinister smile. Hearing all of that Karol increased his struggle to remove from the vines while in the process his body started getting bruised.

    "You are cruel, but I also like your idea," William said with a surprised look but a sinister smile. "Sometimes, circumstances make you cruel, but enough talking and let's go from here," Ellie said with a blank face. "Okay, but where is the target location," William asked. "Towards the north," Ellie said. Then William grabbed Ellie and disappeared from that area.

    After they disappeared, the vines binding Karol and Robert disappeared, and both of them were set free. Then Karol immediately stood up and run out of the town hall. "Wait, I am also coming with you," Robert shouted as he finally regained his calm and began to run with Karol.

    "No, you should go and bring the doctor to my house." Karol retaliated. "Ah... Okay." Robert said as he realized they wouldn't be able to reach that place before them, so he started runs towards the east side to get the doctor of the village.
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