8 6. Crippled

    Opening the door Karen entered the house with a box in her hand. Closing the door behind her, she entered the room right next to the main door. "I am sure he will be happy seeing all of these gifts." Karen thought to put the box on the bed. "Now let's cook some meal for this special day." Karen thought with a smile and exited the room and started to walk towards the kitchen. Standing in front of the stove she closed her eyes and put her hand forward, suddenly the stove lightened up with fire. Suddenly, a drop of tear felled down from her cheeks as she looked at the fire. "I wish he was also here to see how our son has grown." Karen thought as she wiped her tears.

    Suddenly a knock was heard from the front door. "Coming," Karen said as she put on a happy face and extinguishing the fire as the wind comes out from her hands. The knock was heard once again, "Yes, I am coming." Karen said and walked towards the front door. Opening the door, she saw a young man in his 16 standing there. "Yes, how can I help you." She asked with a smile. "Well, by crippling." The young man replied with a sinister smile. "What..." Before she could have said anything, she was attacked on her neck and fall down to ground unconsciously.

    "It was easy as I expected," William said laughing. "Well you should cripple her legs now," Ellie said appearing from the side of the building. "Why only her legs? Shouldn't I cripple all her limbs." William asked with a confused face. "Because if you just cripple her legs then it will give a glimmer of hope to heal her, he will try and each time he will fail, he will suffer more and more but will keep trying as that hope will be always there," Ellie replied with a cold face. "Woah! You are cruel than I could have imagined." William said with a surprised face.

    "So are you going to do that or not," Ellie asked with cold eyes. William expression changed as he smiled and said, "You are cruel but you are definitely my type." As he holds his hand above Karen and a few seconds later two large water balls appear on her legs, he then swiped down his hand as both of the water balls fell on her each leg. Just as water balls touched her legs, a bone-crushing sound was heard. William smiled and said, "Let's go from this place now." William said as he holds out his hand. Ellie then nodded her head and put her hand on his and disappeared from the area.

    Present Time.

    Karol kept running through the crowd while stumbling with people on a few occasions but he kept running with desperation on his face while his body kept aching at each step but he kept running. Just as he arrived in front of his house, he fell down as he saw his worst fear coming true in front of his eyes. "No, No, No, it can't be happening again," Karol shouted with fear as his mother's injured body lied there while blood flowing from her legs. Karol suddenly slapped himself and shouted, "It isn't the time for sitting here, I got to stand up." After some struggle, he finally calmed himself down and carried his injured mother inside the room opposite his and lay her down on the bed.

    After laying her down on the bed, he ran towards the next room and started to search for the medicines and bandages in the drawer. Picking up the medicines and bandages, he ran towards the other room and then carefully started to apply medicines on her wounds and tying it up with bandages to stop the blood from flowing out. After a while he finished bandaging her wounds, then he smiled looking towards her face which was calm and peaceful. Just he clenched his fist with anger as he saw her swollen neck, "I will **ing kill the bastard." Karol thought with bloodshot eyes.

    Suddenly the main door was knocked. "Looks like they are finally here." Karol thought as he immediately ran towards the door. Opening the door, he saw Robert standing there next to a woman in her early twenties wearing a large white coat with disoriented black hair. "Aunty Sasha, mother is injured," Karol said with an anxious face. Suddenly she patted his head and said, "Don't worry I will heal Karen." And walked towards the rooms in which Karen was present. Entering the room, she clenched her fist looking at Karen's wound. "Is mom going to be alright?" Karol as with an uneasy face.

    "Don't worry she will be alright until I am healing her, you two stay outside." She said with a smile and entered the room while closing the door behind her. Both Karol and Robert stayed standing outside the rooms, "Thanks for that, Robert." Karol said bowing. For a few moments, Robert didn't say anything, looking up Karol saw Robert standing there with a dazed face. "Hey, are you alright." Karol asked shaking his body, "Huh? Yeah? Did you say anything?" Robert asked with a confused face. "Are you alright?" Karol asked with a worried face. "Ah! I am but did you say anything." Robert said with a smile. "Well can you stay here as I wanted to go somewhere," Karol said looking towards Robert. "Huh, where are you going at this moment?" Robert asked with a confused face.

    "Well it is something I can't tell right now but can you stay here," Karol asked with a pleading face. "Okay then," Robert replied nodding his head. Karol the exited the room and started to walked the west side of the town, a few moments later Robert also started to walked towards the westside of the town.
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