9 7. Healed?

    Karol was standing in front of a tree next to a lake. He suddenly put his right hand on his left hand and started to forcefully remove a ring from his finger, after some trouble he was finally able to remove the ring from his finger while cutting his finger a bit. He then pulled out a necklace from his pocket and looked at both items in his hands with a bloodshot eye. Suddenly he pulled his hands backwards and throws both items in the lake and looked towards the tree as he clenched both of his fists and started to punch the tree.

    Robert arrived near the lake as he saw Karol punching the trees as blood started to leak out from his hands. Robert just stands there looking at Karol while clenching his fist as his hand started to pale from the force. "Only if I haven't said that then he would have not suffered this fate once again." Robert thought as he started to clench his fist more tightly and blood started to leak out from his hands. Suddenly Karol stopped punching the trees and put his fist on the tree and shouted loudly as he slowly falls down to the ground.

    Karol laid on the ground looking at the sky as a leave falls on his face as suddenly started laughing loudly as he covered his eyes with his arms. Drops of water can be seen on both his cheeks as he kept laughing but after a while, the laughter completely died down and what followed was sound of wind hitting the leaves and chirping of birds. "Have you finally calmed down?" Robert asked looking at Karol who was laying there silently. "Well, I can have expected you to follow me and looks like I was right," Karol said as he jumped up to stand with a smile but traces of tears can be still be seen.

    "Well, you know me the best anyway," Robert said laughing as he sat down under the tree. "You are right," Karol replied laughing as he sat next to Robert but what followed was silence as both of them look towards the sky. "I am sorry." Robert suddenly said while still looking at the sky. "You don't need to as it was not your fault," Karol replied with a calm face. "But if I didn't have done that then..." Robert couldn't finish his sentence as Karol said, "You couldn't have predicted this could have happened so don't bring it up anymore". Robert wanted to say something but couldn't as he didn't know what to say.

    "Hey, do you want to know something interesting about this tree," Karol asked looking at Robert with an excited face to which he just nodded his head. "It was an amazing coincidence but I met him and Ellie at this place and both of them turned out to be same," Karol said laughing hearing that Robert's eyes widened from the surprise but he couldn't do or say anything but let him suffer alone. "Amazingly I am not hurt by Ellie at all as because of him but I will kill that noble one day," Karol said as laughing face suddenly turned into a cold one. "Let's go back." Robert suddenly said clenching his fist with sorrow.

    "Wait let me wash my face first," Karol said as washed his face and bloodied hand while Robert washed his bloodied hand too. Both of them silently wash their wound quietly and then walk back to Karol's house but there was an awkward silence present between them.

    At Karol's house.

    Sasha looked at bandages around Karen's legs and thought, "It's a good thing he has to stop the flow of the blood." As she put her hand above her legs while closing her eyes and suddenly white light appeared below her hand as the light touched Karen's legs it disappeared. "Legs are healed." Sasha thought happily as she tried to remove the bandages but she saw Karen's swollen neck as she clenched her fist but calmed herself down as she repeats the process once again as her swollen neck finally healed. Then she started to remove the bandages from her legs and what revealed was a fully healed leg.

    Sasha then touched Karen's leg to check the condition but she felt something strange touching the legs, "It couldn't be possible." Sasha thought with a worried face she once and tried the healing spell but in bigger in size but she still wasn't able to do anything. "Huh, what happened?" Karen asked as she slowly wakes up. "Huh! What are you doing here and what am I doing here in this room?" Karen asked while looking around the room with a confused face. "I will tell everything you later but can you move your legs right now," Sasha asked with an anxious face. "Huh, what are you talking about of co- huh? Why can't I move my legs?" Karen asked with a confused face. "Look like the bones of the legs have broken," Sasha said with a gloomy face. "Okay, I understand but how did this happen?" Karen asked with a calm face.

    "Even I don't know when I was here you were here injured while Karol treated you," Sasha said looking at Karen. "Huh? Where is Karol? Is he alright?" Karen suddenly asked with a concerned face. "Don't worry he is alright and just standing outside," Sasha said with a calm face. "Can you tell him to come inside, I want to see him myself," Karen said with a worried face. "You should calm down and I will send him inside," Sasha said as she exited the room.

    Exiting the room, she was surprised looking at the condition both of the kids were in, "Huh? How did you two injured your hands?" Sasha asked as she started to heal both of their hands. "It is nothing but is mom alright," Karol asked with an anxious face. "You- just go inside, she is waiting for you." Just as Sasha said that he immediately ran into the room. "We need to talk about everything," Sasha said looking at Robert to which he just nodded his head.
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