10 8. Inciden

    Entering the room, he saw his mother looking out of the window towards the sky. Karol's eyes suddenly reddened and filled with tears but Karol shakes his head to calm his emotion. "Mom, how are you now?" Karol asked with a smile on his face. Karen turned around as she looked towards Karol with an anxious face and asked, "Are you alright? You are not injured, right? And how did this happen?". "Don't worry mom I am alright and not injured at all and about how this happens..." Karol then started to narrate what happened but he leaves out the detail of him being injured.

    After hearing all of the details, Karen sighed in relief as she looked towards Karol with a calm face and said, "Come here." Hearing that Karol gets worried but still walked towards her. Suddenly she hugged him, "I am very happy that you are alright and if something had happened to you, I wouldn't have been able to live." She said with tears flowing from her eyes. "Why, why, why..." Karol suddenly started mumbling. "Huh? What happened?" She asked with a worried. Suddenly removed himself from her hug and look towards her with reddened and teary eyes.

    "Why are you not angry? It happened once again and all because of me. Because of me that time and this time too you are injured and suffering the consequences because of me, so why are you worried about me and not angry, only if I wasn't here then..." Karen suddenly slapped Karol and looked towards him with teary eyes and said, "Don't ever say that again as I have already lost your dad and don't want to lose you." As she hugged him tightly. "But, but..." Karol mumbled as tears flowed down his cheeks and fell on Karen's hand.

    "Because you are my son and that's it and you will never talk about this again, promise me," Karen said as she slowly caressed his hair. Hearing that Karol nodded his head as he kept crying in her embrace and she slowly caressed his hair. "Look's like he felled asleep," Karen mumbled as she slowly put his head on her lap. "Don't talk like that ever again as it hurts me the most as you are my child," Karen whispered with a smile as she wipes his tears. "Only if that incident didn't had happen years ago then all of this wouldn't have happened to you as your father would have been still here to fix everything," Karen whispered as she put his head in her shade as the sunlight fell on them.

    A few Hours Later.

    "Huh? Where am I?" Karol waked up and looking up he saw his mother looking at him with gentle eyes. Suddenly he stands straight up as he bowed and said, "I am really sorry about that." "Huh, what are you talking about?" Karen asked with a smile. "Where I said I should have..." Before he could finish, she interfered and said, "Oh! You are talking about that but I am sorry as I didn't listen properly." As she shows a wide smile. Suddenly Karol realized what she was trying to do as he laughed and said, "It's nothing mom."

    Suddenly a knocking was heard from the main door. "I will go check who it is," Karol said and walked towards the main door. Opening the door, he saw Robert standing there with two adults behind him, they were Robert's mother and father. "Uncle Stephen and Auntie Rebecca welcome," Karol said bowing his head. Suddenly Rebecca hugged Karol as she looks at him with a worried face and asks, "Robert told me everything, are all right? And nothing happened to you right?" "Don't worry auntie nothing happened to me and if something would have happened to me then you would be only worsening my injuries by hugging me," Karol said laughing.

    Both Robert and Stephen laughing and Rebecca stopped hugging Karol and was embarrassed. "Ow." Karol moaned as Rebecca lightly hit his head. "You two stop laughing and You really like playing pranks on me huh? And where is Karen?" She asked with a strict voice. Both Robert and Stephen stopped laughing and Karol laughed awkwardly and said, "I am sorry about and mom is in her room resting." Hearing that Rebecca nodded her head and walk ahead.

    Suddenly Karol stomach grumbled, "As I have expected you haven't eaten anything right, let's go inside as there is food for all of us." Stephen said laughing as he pointed a box in his hand. "Thanks, uncle," Karol said with an appreciative face. "Don't worry about the formalities and let's go eat some food as both of us are also hungry," Stephen said laughing and all three of them entered the room next to Karol's room. "Hey! Is Aunty Karen alright." Robert whispered as Stephen was setting up the plate. "She is alright right now but she can't walk right now as her injuries still haven't healed fully but where aunty Sasha," Karol asked with a confused.

    "She is at the clinic and she will be back tomorrow but something was strange," Robert said with an anxious face. "Huh, what do you mean by that?" Karol asked with a confused face. "She was acting oddly when she was back at the clinic as she kept looking for something," Robert said with a worried face. "You two come now as the food is ready to be eaten." Stephen suddenly said. "We will ask from Aunty Sasha about it tomorrow," Karol said and walk towards the table to eat the food. Robert just nodded and followed him behind.
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