12 10. Mana Formation

    "Let's check what's inside that box," Karol mumbled under his breath as he opens the box and inside it was 5 books. He picked up the first book titled 'Limit Breaker Exercise.", and looked the book with a complicated eye and put down the book beside him as he picked up the second book and mumbled, "I will read this tomorrow." As he also put this book beside him and picked up the three third book and looked at with a confused face and just put it down too. "Huh, why is this blank?" Karol mumbled with a confused face as there was not a single word on it as put it down near the other three books and sighed loudly.

    Then he picked up the last book and just as he read the title his eyes glimmered with excitement and he ran towards his table immediately. "Ow!" Karol groaned in pain as he stopped and mumbled, "Shit, my whole body is hurting." But he just shakes his head and started to look for something in the piles of books on his table. "Ah! Here it is." Karol should in excitement as he read the title of the book named, 'Basic Knowledge of Mana Formation."

    Inside he read were, 'A mana formation is something very special and also one of the core reasons to what lead humanity to what it is today. It created 700 years ago in the time of...' "Not the Origin." Karol mumbled as he started to skim through the book, "Ah! There it is." Karol mumbled as he started to read the book once again. 'The gland that opened in the human in the process of the Bloodline Awakening is known as Mana Purifier as it absorbs from the surrounding and purifies the mana to a certain level to help a human to strengthen their body or mind but the organ has a huge flaw as it can only refine 50% of mana but only if that human had a level ten bloodline in half an hour.' Reading that part Karol sighed with disappointment and mumbled, "Looks like it will tough to grow strong fast with 10% of purification half an hour."

    But he just shakes his head and with a determined face started to read the book once again. 'But there is a way that even those with a low level of the bloodline can gain strength fast and that with the help of mana formation. The Formation is divided into two parts that are manual one and auto one, there is not much difference between them as manual one needed some part of mind power to purify the mana whereas the auto one can work without any mind power to work and even will purify your mana without the human noticing.' Karol then immediately opened the Mana Formation and a smile appeared on his face as he mumbled, "Looks like my luck is not entirely run out as I have the auto one." And just laughed awkwardly and continued reading the book.

    'Just like the Mana Purifier it's limit of purification is also 50% and also like its counterpart it is also divided into 10 levels and from lowest level giving the power of 5% purification to the highest giving the power of 50% purification.' Karol then looked into the other book and mumbled, "Well it's better than nothing that I got the level 5 one at least." And continued reading, 'You can learn the Formation by creating a distinct formation given in your book and creating it with purified mana in the middle of mana purifier.' Then he just skims through all the book until the last part where written was, 'But there is something strange about this formation as it is strangely complementing the humans and can't go over after it's maxed level like it was created by someone intentionally just for the humans. The reason it is a huge mystery because it was not created first by humans but was found.' And the book just abruptly just ended. "Even after all this year the only thing I remember from this book is this and still I wasn't able to find anything about it," Karol mumbled while laughing sluggishly.

    "Well let's make the formation," Karol mumbled and looked at the formation in the books that was a square with circles on each of its corner and one in its middle. Karol then sat down in the middle of the room and put the book in front of him and then closed his eyes. Suddenly a blue line appeared from the book and touched the forehead of Karol.

    Karol then looked around in his organ to find himself in a space covered with blue clouds. "Its good thing all my mana is purified as he started to created the same formation that was in the book but just as he created the square and two circle his mana fully ran out. "Let's wait for a while," Karol mumbled as he absorbs mana from his surrounding and after half an hour later his gland was fully filled with mana but it was little dark in colour as he then started to purify the mana.

    Five Hours Later.

    "It's finally complete," Karol whispered in excitement as there was the huge formation in the middle of the organ floating while purifying the mana in the organ. Looking outside, Karol mumbled, "It's still dark so I should finally get to the mortal rank." And then looked at the bed and mumbled, "And those will become useful at that rank." As he waited for his mana to be purified and started to strengthen his body and mind simultaneously to its limit.
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