13 11. 3 Weeks

    A blue light was surrounding Karol's body as he was sitting there with his eyes closed. Suddenly the blue light burst then disappeared immediately as Karol open his eyes and with an excited face mumbled, "I finally reached the Early Mortal level." And then looked towards the mana formation book and with a calm face mumbled, "Looks like the book has also been destroyed." Then he picked himself up and walked towards his bed as he picked up the second book from the box and walked outside of the room.

    "Huh, Aunty Sasha is here," Karol muttered as he saw her in Karen's room. "Karen, I wanted to tell you something important," Sasha said with a depressed face. "Go on," Karen replied with a calm face. "You aren't able to move legs right..." To which Karen just nodded her head. "It's because I wasn't able to heal your legs as the bones of your legs have been totally destroyed," Sasha said with a sad face while Karen just listens to it with a calm face.

    "You would be able to heal her right," Rebecca asked with an anxious face. "Yes, I can heal her but..." "But What?" Rebecca asked with a worried face. "To heal her fully I need a certain potion that has a price of 50 Gold," Sarah said as she smiled sadly. "I am sure we will be able to collect that much money in a month or two." Rebecca said with hopeful eyes while hearing that Sarah face suddenly turned into a sorrowful as Karen notice the change in her emotions and asked, "What is the time limit?"

    Sarah was surprised to hear that but she calmed her emotions and said, "Three weeks." Hearing that Karen just nodded her while Rebecca was confused and asked, "What three weeks." To which Sarah sighed loudly and said, "I can only heal her in three weeks and if I don't then she will never be healed." Sarah said with regret in her eyes while Rebecca can only stand there with a blank face. "You two don't worry I am sure that I will be able to do something," Karen said with a smile on her face.

    "But..." Sarah mumbled but before she could finish, Rebecca interfered and said, "Not I but we will be able to do something." "I can't understand you two ladies," Sarah said while shaking her head as both of them suddenly laughed. "Don't tell anything to Karol as I am sure he will endanger himself to earn the money." Karen suddenly said with a serious face to which both of them just nodded her head.

    Karol suddenly shakes his head and with a calm face exited the house through the backdoor in the Kitchen. In the back of the house there a dirt patch and in the middle of it was an old tree. Karol then picked up a wooden sword hanging on the back on the wall and then walked in front of the tree and then swing the sword towards the tree but not a single scratch can be seen on the tree from the impact. "Not even a single scratch even when my power has been doubled," Karol said with calm face.

    Then he picked up the book titled, 'Power Slash.' and then started to skim through it then he put down the book and picked up the sword as he mumbled, "Okay, so first put 30% of the mana on the sword through the membranes." As the sword started to covered in the blue light. "Now balance it equally throughout its edges." As the blue light started to disperse and cover the edge of the sword. "And then slash it." As the tree shook from the impact and there was a scar on the tree and the book also disappeared.

    "That's good." Karol mumbled and suddenly he thought of something and mumbled, "What if I try to overload it with mana." And then closed his eyes and tried to overload the sword with more mana but he opened his eyes with surprise and mumbled, "Looks like I really need a skill book for it." And then he gave up the experiment.

    "Well, at least I can lower the mana output while trying to master this skill as I can at least use unpurified mana too to use this skill," Karol muttered as he started to practice the sword skill on the tree while the scratches started to accumulate on it from the repeated impact of the skill.

    A few hours later.

    Karol was lying on the ground with sweat pouring all over his body while the wooden sword was lying there broken next to him. "You should rest right now and not train." A voice was heard and turning around Karol saw Rebecca looking at him with worried eyes. "Well, it's just have become a habit so I wasn't able to stop," Karol said with a smile. "You really are some maniac training all day and I am sure Robert is also doing the same," Rebecca said while shaking her head while Karol just laughed.

    "So you going to eat breakfast or change your first," Rebecca asked while looking at him with all dirtied cloths. "Well, I am going to wash myself first then," Karol said as picked himself with the help of Rebecca. "Well then I have put your food on the table and if you need anything just tell me as I will in Karen's Room," Rebecca said and entered the house with Karol following behind him.

    Karol then entered the bathroom to take a bath and then changed his clothes into something fresh. "Now time to eat some food." Karol mumbled as he started to eat the breakfast and just as he finished eating the food, Rebecca entered the Kitchen and said, "Just give me the plates and you should meet with your mother for now." "Thank Aunty," Karol said with a smile and walked towards his Karen's Room.

    Entering the room he saw his mother sitting on the bed with a calm face. Karol expression turned into a sad one but he calmed his emotions and said, "Mom, I wanted to talk to you about something important."
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