14 12. Sword

    "Good Morning," Karol said as he entered the room. "Oh! You are finally awake, tell me how were the gifts." Karen asked with an excited face. "They were great and I have already learned the Mana Formation and the Sword Skill but there was something I wanted to ask," Karol said. "Huh? What is it?" Karen asked with a confused face. "It was about the gift as there was a blank book and a skill for an archer," Karol replied. "Oh That, Don't worry about it as I will teach you archery when I am fully recovered and about that blank book, you will realise what it is when you get strong enough," Karen replied with a smile.

    Suddenly Karol face saddened but he calmed his emotion and with a curious face asked, "Huh, what is inside the book, can you tell me it's content." "Well, even I don't know about its content too," Karen said as she shrugged her shoulder. "And that book can also act as your reward for getting strong," Karen said laughing to which Karol just nodded his with a determined face.

    "Mom, I wanted to talk to you about something important." Karol suddenly said with a serious face. "Huh, What is it?" Karen asked with curiosity in her eyes. "I wanted to join the adventurer gui-" "No, you will not." Karen immediately rejected. "Mom but." No means no." Karen replied as she didn't want him to endanger himself.

    "And can I ask why you are not letting him do it," Rebecca asked as she entered the room. "It's because he will probably injure himself by taking some dangerous quest and he also doesn't have any real combat experience," Karen replied while looking at Karol. "Then how about this Karol will not take any dangerous quest and it will be also beneficial for him as he gets real-life experience at a young age," Rebecca said with a serious face. "Yes Mom I will not do it so please," Karol said with pleading face.

    Karen then just sighed and said, "Okay then but promise me you will not endanger yourself." "Thanks, mom and Aunty Rebecca and I promise that I will not endanger myself," Karol said with an excited face and both of them just laughed at his excitement. "Here take some money to buy yourself some armour," Karen said as she gave him 1 gold. "Huh, isn't it too much," Karol asked with an anxious face.

    "No it is not as you should buy the best armour to protect yourself," Karen said with a worried. Karol could only sigh and he said, "Okay mom." "Anyway, I should be going now as I got to prepared some food for those two," Rebecca said as she exited the house. "Okay, and thanks for everything Rebecca," Karen said with a sincere face. "Don't worry it's nothing and I should be back in a while," Rebecca said as she exited the house.

    "Mom I should be going now," Karol said with a smile. "Wait I wanted to give you something." Karen suddenly said with an excited face. "Huh, what is that?" Karol asked with a curious face. "Can you get the box from that closet," Karen said with a smile as Karol just nodded his head and get a long box from the closet.

    "Huh, what is this?" Karol asked with a curious face. "It's for you so open it up," Karen said with a huge smile as Karol then opened the box with an excited face. Inside it was a sword made out of bone with strange symbols on it. Taking the sword in his hands Karol felt a strange connection with it. "Thanks for  this mom but it should have been expensive right?" Karol asked with a worried face.

    "Don't worry as I didn't buy it but it is something your father wanted to give you when you reach this age," Karen said with with a sad face as she remembers her husband. Suddenly Karol makes an odd face but he immediately calmed himself down and said, "I should be going now." And exited the room before she can say anything.

    Karol then entered his room and throw the sword onto the face and with an angry face said, "I don't need anything from you." And then exited the house. Suddenly his expression changed into a cold as he mumbled, "I got to earn money as fast as possible." And then he started to walk towards the east side of the town.

    A few minutes later.

    "Now let's buy some equipment," Karol mumbled as he entered the blacksmith shop. There were many weapons hanging on the walls while there were many mannequins wearing armour around the show and an old man was sitting at the counter. "What do you want kid." The man grumbled. "Sir, I want to but some leather armour, an iron sword, a medium-sized bag and a scabbard for the sword," Karol said with a smile. "Wait a minute kid." The man said as he entered the back of the shop.

    A few minutes later.

    The man came out with some leather armour in his hands. "Here kid and go try it out." The man said as he gave a brown leather armour to Karol and then pointed towards the side of the shop. "Thanks, sir," Karol said bowing and then entered the trial room and exited the room wearing the leather armour with a leather helmet.

    "So how is it, kid." The man asked. "It's great sir," Karol replied with a sincere face. "That's good now here take this sword, scabbard and the bag." The man said as he throws these items to Karol. Karol then wears the scabbard on his waist and put the sword in it and put the bag on his back. "Now this is good," Karol mumbled with a smile.
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