15 13. Adventurers Guild

    "So, how much for all of it, Sir," Karol asked with a smile. "8 Silver kid." The man said as he sat down behind the counter. "Sir, I hope you can give me some discount as I have buy many stuff," Karol said bowing. "No, and now give me the money." The man grunted but Karol just smile and said, "Sir, Think about me as a future customer as I will buy from your shop if I get items on such a great price while you can also attract more customers as I will recommend your shop to everyone I know."

    Suddenly the man eyes sparkled but he controlled his emotions and said, "That's a good idea but I can't give you any discount." "But Sir-" "I said I couldn't give you a discount but can give you some extra items...So here take it." The man said as he throws a Dagger and chainmail towards Karol. "Thanks sir," Karol said smiling while the man just laughed.

    Karol then once again entered the trial room and wear the chain main under his leather armour. "Now where should I put this dagger," Karol mumbled as he exited the trial room while holding the dagger in his hand. "Kid you should put the dagger in your shoe." The man suddenly said then Karol looked at the shoe and found a small cavity that can fit that dagger. Putting the dagger in the shoe Karol then exited the shop and start to walk towards the centre of the town while the man shouted, "Come again Kid." Hearing that Karol just laughed.

    A few Minutes Later.

    Karol was standing in front of a two-storeyed building made out of stone and there was a huge banner above the gate with a symbol of sword and shield and in a large text written below was 'Adventurer's Guild', Karol looked at the building then looked at the building opposite to it which was the town hall and just laughed bitterly. "Well let's go inside," Karol mumbled and then entered the building.

    Entering the building, Karol suddenly covered his nose and mumbled, "I still can't get used to this smell." And looking around he saw many adults drinking and having fun with their friends on the tables. Karol just ignored them and started to walk towards the counter and just as he arrived at the counter and with a relieved face he mumbled, "It's good that this area doesn't smell."

    "Oh! What brings you here Karol?" A woman behind the counter in her early twenties with black hair and eyes said. "I am here to registered as an adventurer." Karol said with a determined face while the woman was surprised to hear that and said, "Huh! Did Karen give you the approval and speaking about her, where is she?"

    "Yup, Mom has already given me the approval and she didn't come with me as she was a little sick." Karol said with a smile while there was suspicious in her eyes but she calmed herself and, "Okay then, kiddo just fill out this form." As she gave him a form to fill and Karol took the form and started to fill the form.

    A few minutes later.

    "It's done," Karol mumbled as he walked towards the counter to return the form. "Here it is." Karol said as he gave the form to the woman as she then checked the content of the form and with a smile, she said, "That's great and just wait here and I will back with your adventurer card in few minutes." To which Karol just nodded her head. "Sarah, aren't you going to tell the kid about the test." Sarah co-worker said as she was just about to enter the back office.

    "Huh, what is this test?" Karol asked with a confused face to which Sarah just turned around laughing awkwardly while she looked at her co-worker with angry eyes. "Well, it's nothing special kid," Sarah said with a laugh. "But what is this test anyway?" Karol asked with curiosity in his eyes. "Well, it is a test in which the new adventurer fight a monster same rank as them to get a higher rank," Sarah said with a bitter smile.

    "What are these ranks and what's the benefits of having a higher rank," Karol asked with curiosity in his eyes. "Well the adventurers are divided into different ranks with highest being the S rank and lowest being the H rank and the those with higher rank can have benefits such a better quest, discounted items and even support from the guild if they have offended someone with power," Sarah said with a blank face. "And what is the purpose of that test?" Karol asked immediately.

    "Well, a new adventurer can have a chance to start with G-rank if they complete the test but you should not take this test like this is not beneficial at all and you can also get injured." Sarah with a pleading face. Karol face suddenly turned into a serious one and he mumbled slowly, "If I start with a higher rank then I would be able to earn money little faster." Karol looked at her with a determined face and said, "I would like to take the test."

    "Your mother is seriously going to kill me," Sarah mumbled slowly. "Huh! What happened?" Karol asked looking at Sarah. "Oh! nothing but you should consider taking the test once again," Sasha said with a pleading face. "No I will take the test," Karol replied with determination glimmering in his eyes. Sarah just sighed and said, "Okay then."

    "Alan, Come here." Sarah suddenly shouted looking at the backdoor. "What is it, Sarah?" A man with brown hair and eyes said with sleepy eyes said as he entered the guild from the backdoor. "You were sleeping once again?" Sarah said with anger in her eyes. "No, I was not but what did you call me for." Alan said as he laughed awkwardly while Sarah looking at him with sharp eyes but with a calm face she said, "Take this to the test room." As she pointed towards Karol.
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