16 14. The Tes

    Alan look at Karol with a surprised face then at Sarah and asked, "Huh! Did his mother given him permission for the test." Sarah just sighed and sighed, "What can I say? It's not like I can reject him anyway." "Well then remember that I was not the part all of this," Alan said with a smile. "Yeah, Yeah just don't let him get injured," Sarah said with a serious face. "Well, I was not going to let that happen anyway," Alan said with a smile. "I know that but I was just reminding you," Sarah said sighing.

    "Anyway follow me, Karol," Alan said as he started to walk towards the east side of the guild to which Karol just nodded and started to follow behind him. "So, what makes you become an adventurer at such a young age," Alan asked with curious eyes. "Well I wanted to experience some combat against the monsters so I thought of joining as I can also earn money in the process," Karol replied shrugging his shoulder. "Oh! That's a good idea but where is the other one." Alan asked with a curious face.

    "Well Robert was kind of busy so I just came alone." Karol replied laughing while Alan just nodded his head. While walking many adventurers were looking at them with curiosity or surprise in their eyes but both of them just ignored them. "So where is this test going to take place," Karol asked with a curious face. "Well you will know once you get there," Alan replied laughing.

    After a while, they arrived at the East end of the guild and before them was just a door. "Now let's go inside," Alan said with a smile as he entered the room with Karol following behind him. "Hey, those two entered that room right." An adventurer said looking at his companions. "Yeah and looks like that kid was going to take the test." "Hey so, you guys wanna bet if he will succeed or not." "Sure I am up for it." "Me too." "I am in this too." As a commotion started in the guild. "These guys really..." Sarah sighed looking at them.

    Karol opened his eyes as he looked around to find a huge clearing with walls surrounding all the sides and the room with a source of light being some white glowing orbs attached to the roofs, illuminating the whole area. "Huh, isn't this safe area," Karol asked with a curious glimmering in his eyes. "Well it didn't have any uses except it being the safe area so guild decided to use this place as the test area as it most of the times empty," Alan replied shrugging his shoulder.

    "But do you know what is this area made out of?" Karol asked with a curious face. "Well it is made by space magic and that's the only thing I know," Alan replied to which Karol looked at him with a disappointed face. "Hey don't be disappointed, maybe you can find about it when you get stronger but first let's start the test," Alan said laughing to which Karol just nodded his head with a determined face. "Well wait here and I will back in few minutes," Alan said as he started to walk towards the east wall of the area. Arriving in front of the wall, he then puts his hands on it and then an entrance suddenly appeared in front him just as he entered the gates closed behind his while Karol looked at the scene with curiosity.

    A few minutes later.

    The gate opened once again and Alan exited the room with a cage in his hands as the entrance once again closed behind him. Karol was surprised to see what was inside the cage but he calmed his emotion and looked at it with a determined face. "What was that entrance and how does that work?" Karol asked with a curious face as Alan arrived in front of him. "Well it is just a simple enchanted gate and works when I put some mana on its focal point," Alan said shrugging his shoulder. "And how do you recognised it's focal point," Karol asked looking at him. Alan then just sighed and said, "You really like asking questions huh...well there is carving on the wall so it is easy to recognise. Hearing that Karol looked at the wall and found some carving on each wall.

    "Do you have any more questions or should I start the test," Alan asked pointing at the cage while a grunting noise came from inside it. "Well, I have one last question?" "Ask." "Well, wouldn't it be disadvantage to risk killing that monster as it can be sold for a large sum of money," Karol asked with a confused face. "Well, yeah beast researchers or tamers would surely pay a huge sum for it but it is more beneficial for the guild if it used in a test." "Huh?How?" "Well it's simple if you killed it then chances are you are talented and for the guild, you can be an asset with great potential and if you don't then it will be alive and secondly you still be in the guild as an asset," Alan said shrugging his shoulder. "You are right," Karol said with a thoughtful face.

    "Well enough questions for now and let's start the test," Alan said with a smile. "Okay." "Then go stand there," Alan said pointing some few metres ahead of them to which Karol just nodded his and walked towards the pointed location. Just as Karol at the location, Alan put the cage down the ground and said, "Are you ready?" To which Karol just nodded his head and unsheathed his sword looked at the cage with a determined expression. "Okay in 3, 2, 1 release," Alan shouted as opened the door of the cage and backed away a few metres.
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