17 15. First Figh

    A rabbit half of the size of Karol with a huge horn exited from the cage as it looked around to see Karol in front of him, grunting loudly it started to ran towards Karol. "Let's do this," Karol whispered under his breath and started to run towards the corner of this area. Just as he turned around he saw the rabbit running towards him at full speed with its horn pointing towards him.

    Just as it was few metres away, Karol immediately jumped from his position but the rabbit wasn't able to change its direction and directly collided with the wall and stayed still for a few seconds. Karol sword suddenly glowed blue as he swings it towards the rabbit and cutting one of his rear legs as the rabbit howled loudly. "I got to end this fast," Karol mumbled with an odd face as ran towards the other wall with his back facing it.

    The rabbit turned around with its horn broken and legs cut as he looked towards Karol with bloodshot eyes and started to run towards him at full speed. "It's okay," Karol mumbled as he takes a deep breath as he once again jumped from his position but this time the rabbit was able to stop its momentum before colliding with the wall but Karol sword once again glowed blue as he swings it towards its head and cutting it off its body as the head rolled towards Karol's feet.

    Looking at the head Karol's face change into and disgusted one as he ran few metres away from the corpse and started to vomit on the floor. "Here take it," Alan said as he gave him a glass of water after he finished vomiting. "Thanks," Karol said as he drank the water. "Well first let's clean you up," Alan said as water suddenly falls on Karol and his equipment. "Huh? What was that?" "Now to dry you," Alan mumbled as a flow of wind hits Karol many times to dry his body and equipment.

    "Thanks," Karol said bowing while just Alan laughed. "But you learned skill in just one day," Alan said with a surprised face. "You are right," Karol mumbled thinking about something. "Hey, are you alright," Alan said tapping his head. "Huh? Yeah, I am alright but what are you going to do about that?" Karol said as he pointed towards the rabbit's corpse. "Well don't worry about and anyway congratulations for completing your test and follow me," Alan said as he started to walk ahead towards the exit with Karol following behind him. Entering the guild once again all of the adventurers were looking at them with curious eyes while mumbling between themselves and creating a huge commotion due to that.

    "Huh? What is this commotion?" Alan asked Sarah with a confused face. "Well, they all started a bet if he is going to pass the test or not, so what happened in the test?" Sarah as with a curious face hearing the Karol sighed and mumbled, "Shit I missed it." "Well, he passed it easily," Alan said shrugging his shoulder. "No, I lost." "Me too." "Shit." "Oh yeah now give me the money." As a huge commotion started in the guild hearing the result of the test. "Silence." Sarah suddenly shouted with anger in her eyes as all of them became silent and the commotion immediately died down.

    "Well now give me the money." Sarah suddenly said with a smile as she extended her arm towards her co-worker. "Yeah, Yeah, here you go." She said as she gave some money to Sarah. "Wait a minute, you also bet some money," Alan asked with a surprised face. "Well yeah and here Karol," Sarah said as she gave 1 gold to Karol while he looked at her with confusion in his eyes. "Well, I won because of you so you should have some of it," Sarah said shrugging her shoulder. "Thanks." Karol said bowing while Alan grumbled and said, "Shit I should have stayed here."

    "Well, I will be back in a while with your adventurer card and Alan take him so he can get his reward," Sarah said as she entered the back door of the guild. "Huh, what is this reward?" Karol asked with a confused face. "Well, it's your reward for passing the test so follow me and choose your reward," Alan said as he started to walk towards the west side of the guild. "But what is the reward." "Just follow me and you know there," Alan said as he arrived in front of a counter with Karol behind him.

    "Huh? What do you want Alan?" The old man behind the counter asked. "Well, chief this kid has passed the advancement test so give him his reward," Alan said pointing towards Karol. "Kid, what weapon do you use?" "Sir, I use a sword." "Okay then choose one skill kid." The old man said as he gave him many novice level sword skills. "Huh? The rewards are a skill?" Karol asked with a confused and excited face. "Yeah, kid now just choose one." The man grumbled. "Ah! Yes." Karol said as he started to look through all the books.

    "I will choose this one," Karol said as he chooses one book. "Well that's a good kid and now both of you go away." The man said as he started to sleep while Karol looked at him with a surprised face. "Let's go Karol," Alan said sighing and started to walk towards Sarah with Karol behind him. "Oh! Have he choose the skill." "Yeah." "Anyway here is your Adventurer card and put some blood in it," Sarah said as she gave Karol a leather card and needle. "Huh why the blood?" Karol asked with a confused face.

    "Well if you put your blood on the grey circle on the Adventurer card then it will connect with your bloodline and it also helps the guild to know if you are dead or alive," Sarah said shrugging his shoulder. "Oh!" Karol said as he looked at the adventurer card with a curious and excited face and then poked his finger with the needle and spill some blood on the grey circle in the Adventurer card.
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