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    Just as the blood dripped on the card, a blinding red light glimmered from the circle. After a while, the light died down as the circle started to glow with a pulsating red light in the left corner of the card while his details and his rank were shown below. Karol was looking at the card with excitement glimmering in his eyes when Sarah coughed and said. "Well now that the card has been connected, you should go and show this to your mother...and yeah if you want to do any quest just look it up on that board." As she pointed towards the board near the entrance and then started to walk towards the backdoor.

    "I want to ask you something," Karol said as he looked towards Alan with a blank face.

    "Oh! What is it?" "Well right now mom is little bit sick and I can't always be at home so is there any way I can help her," Karol said while laughing awkwardly as hearing that Alan started to think about it.

    "Ah! Right, you should buy a slav..." Before he could complete a loud noise was heard from the back and turning around, they saw some parts of the backdoor broken and its handle lying on the ground as Alan's face turned into a worried one as he mumbles, "Oh! Shit." While other adventurers didn't notice what happened there.

    "You Idiot." A co-worker of Sarah said as she ran towards Sarah. Alan suddenly sighed and said, "I really am an idiot to talk about this."

    "Huh? What was that about?" Karol asked with a confused face as he pointed towards the door. "Well, she has some history with the word slave and gets angered at the mention of buying and selling of people," Alan said as massaged his forehead. "Huh! What happened?" Karol asked with a curious face.

    "Well, when she was ten years old her all of her family died in a monster horde and she was the only survivor but all of her luck ran out after that as some bandits captured her after the attack and sold her to a slave trader but that was still not the end as she was bought by a lady of nobility as she tortured her every day," Alan said with sadness in his eyes.

    Karol suddenly clenched his fist and with a confused and sad face asked, "But why did she torture her."

    Hearing that Alan just laughed and said, "She tortured her just for fun." "Huh, what do you mean by that?" Karol asked with a confused face.

    Alan suddenly stopped laughing and with anger in his eyes. "She just tortured her every day as she loves hearing the pain of people weaker than her." Hearing that Karol clenched his fist even harder as he looked towards the ground with confusion, anger and sadness in his eyes.

    "After two years of torture and pain, she was finally able to live a normal life but here I am..." Alan said as he sighed loudly. "How did she escape from her," Karol asked as he was still looking at the ground.

    "Well after the war that happened 13 years ago, the king suddenly declared a law where a slave cannot be harmed or killed by anyone unless it is self-defence," Alan said with a smile. "And what happened to that lady?" Karol asked as he calmed his emotion,

    "Well even after that law, she didn't stop..." Alan said as he clenched his fist but suddenly a smile appeared on his face as he said, "But the King caught the gist of it and even after many warnings she didn't stop so the King publicly executed her." Hearing that Karol smile and mumbled, "Serves her right."

    Suddenly the gate opened as Sarah entered the guild once again with a calm face. "I am really sorry." Alan immediately said bowing. "Ah! You don't need to do that as I just overreacted." Sarah laughing. "But..." Alan mumbled as he looked towards her with a serious face but Sarah just smiled and said, "It was my fault that I overreacted and that's the end so let's not talk about it and anyway take it." Sarah said smiling as she throws a card towards Karol.

    Karol looked at the card and was surprised to find it to be a card of slave shop. He then looked at her with a confused face and asked, "Huh why this?".

    "Well you wanted to buy one so address is written on it and also you would get a discount," Sarah said laughing. "But aren't you angry," Karol asked with a confused face. "Well why should I be? as the condition of the slaves are not same as 13 years ago and I am sure you would not harm anyone innocent," Sarah said shrugging her shoulder to which Karol just nodded his head.

    "Can I ask you something?" Karol said as he looked towards Sarah. "Huh? What is it?"

    "After that incident, can you trust anyone?" Karol asked with a strange face. "Yeah, but why ask?" Sarah said as she looked at him with a confused face.

    "But after what she had done, how can you trust anyone?" Karol asked with a confused face. "Well after that incident, I met many amazing people such your mother, you, Rebecca and many more," Sarah said laughing.

    "Okay, I should be going now," Karol said as he started to walk towards the exit. As he walking, he looked at his hand mumbled, "Even after all of that she was able to trust but here I am..." As he stopped talking and looked towards the roof and just laughed.

    "Hey, what about me?" Alan suddenly asked looking at Sarah. "Huh? What do you mean by that?" Sarah asked with a confused face.

    "Well, what do you think about me?" Alan asked with an excited face. "Well, you are just an idiot, lazy person who does not care about other's feeling," Sarah said laughing while Alan was making a strange face as he was looking at the ground. "Well maybe I can think about you better if you treat me some ice-cream," Sarah said shrugging her shoulder.

    Alan face lightened up and with an excited face he said, "Then let's go after our shift and we also can..." Hearing that Sarah just laughed pleasantly.
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